11 Biggest Limiting Money Beliefs of Online Entrepreneurs


I asked in a few Facebook groups of entrepreneurs what they think their biggest limiting money beliefs are. I had a lot of people chime in and give their answers and a lot of people repeated the same limiting beliefs. But overall, in the grand scheme of things, they only listed these 11 beliefs that are holding them back from being the super successful business owner that they could be. 


Limiting beliefs around money can really hold us back in so many different ways, but especially in creating analysis paralysis and comparisonitis. 


It is normal to have limiting beliefs around money.  

And it's even more possible to install new beliefs and get rid of the limiting beliefs that you have been carrying with you, for most likely decades. 


These limiting beliefs that you carry with you on a daily basis were created in your subconscious back when you were a child growing up. But now that you are an adult, you can change your beliefs to be ones that you want to carry with you. 


As a child, your money story is formed in your subconscious from what you see on a regular basis from those around you, especially your parents. 


The first step to eliminating limiting beliefs is to figure out what they are. Then you need to figure out where this belief came from and forgive that person for giving you this belief. Next, you can come up with the belief you want to replace it with and journal about both the old and the new belief. In your journaling, you will mention how the old belief is holding you back and what you really want to do do. Then mention the new belief and how it's going to change you. 


So what are the beliefs that are really holding entrepreneurs back? 


1. I'm taking money from my clients.

Your clients have made the choice to invest with your services. They are giving you their money. It is their choice to give you their money. But this is a very common belief for business owners, especially new ones. You have a belief that it's not okay to let your clients actually pay you for your services and provide the amazing value that you do provide. 


2. Who am I to charge that much?

Charging for our services, charging what our competitors charge, or even raising our prices bring up this belief. It's very common. Because growing up, we have been taught not to take risks, to be comfortable and live in safety. But as a business owner, risk is one of the things you have to do. And it usually pays off by taking those risks, but you have to take the risk first. 


3. I'm a fraud.

Every time you raise your prices or put out a new service or program, this belief pops up. What do I really know? Someone else always knows more than me. I can't do this, I don't know enough about this topic to educate and help others with it. It really is crazy how much these beliefs run through our heads and hold us back. 


4. Who will buy from me?

This goes right along with the belief of being a fraud and even comparisonitis. You see a competitor put out a similar program to yours right at the same time as you. And now no one is going to buy your program. If you keep this belief at the forefront of your mind and think about it often, yes, no one will buy from you. But honestly, if someone is really intrigued by what you offer and you have built the know, like and trust factor in your business, you will have buying customers if you believe that people will buy from you. 


5. If I get more money, I'm actually taking wealth from others.

Look back at the very first belief. People are willing to pay you for your services, they are giving you money. Money is actually an unlimited source of ENERGY in our world. When you get more, you are not taking someone else's chances of having wealth either. 


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6. It's temporary - the money stops flowing when I stop working hard.

But you really don't have to work hard. Doing what you love isn't hard work. And as a business owner, your business should be set up so that you can take breaks and vacations and days off. If you don't take the breaks, you will burn out anyway and have even less money flowing to you. It's all a process and it takes setting up your business in a way that really works best for you. You started your business for a reason, right?


7. I have to work hard to make money.

People that aren't even business owners have this belief, simply because we watched our parents work hard to be able to put food on the table and clothes on our backs, and they talked about how hard it was too. They also usually worked jobs they weren't happy with. But as a business owner, you should already love your job because you created it. And when you love your job, working hard usually doesn't happen. You may work long hours, but you love what you are doing. 


8. It's not okay to make money doing what I love, is easy, fun and I'm good at it.

Why not? Who have you watched not be able to do what they love, is easy for them, fun and they are good at? Why can't you do what you really want to do? Who has told you that you can't? It's all your choice. Just give yourself permission to do it for you. 


9. There's a limit to how much I can make.

Nope, money is unlimited to everyone. The only limit on how much you can make is set by you. 


10. Can I really do this?

What entrepreneur doesn't have doubts about doing what they are passionate about? And the more you let the doubts stay in your mind, you are going to think it's not possible to be a success in your business. So can you really do this?


11. The more money I have, the more miserable I'll be.

Do you let money define how you feel? Who do you know who money made miserable? Does money make you miserable right now? Having more money actually makes life easier. It makes everything much easier for you and your family.


Living with your money beliefs - both good and bad - determines how well your business really does. It also affects your confidence level and how much you put yourself out there as a business owner. 


But you also have the abilities to change your money beliefs and money story and only carry with you the ones that you really want to believe. It's your choice and it takes you doing the work. And if you focus on the limiting beliefs and not being able to have what you really want, that is what you are going to get. 


What beliefs listed above do you feel that you have?

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