7 Smart Ways to Lose Your Money Baggage

As you go through your life, you accumulate more and more baggage. This baggage is both literal and figurative in your life.
The literal baggage is easy to get rid of – just pack up what you no longer want or what no longer serves you and ship it off somewhere to be reused or just tossed.
But the figurative baggage – this is the stuff that you carry around in your head – is not quite as easy to get rid of.
Some of this stuff is buried so deep inside your head that you don’t always know that it’s there until something else comes up that brings this memory up. For example, back when you were much younger, you may have a memory buried very deep about being rejected by your siblings or your parents. But this memory is buried very deep and it’s not something that weighs on your mind regularly…UNTIL the day that you start your business and potential clients start rejecting you (or turning you down).
Or, when you were younger, you have a memory of someone stealing money from you. The person stealing money could have been one of your parents or siblings stealing money from your piggy bank or stealing money from your purse. Or maybe you were the one that stole the money from someone. And now you are trying to earn more money, but this memory of stealing comes up and you feel unworthy of making money because someone is going to steal it from you if you have too much money.
All of these memories are baggage that holds you back. And whether or not they are directly related to money or not, they affect how much money you actually do make in your business.
BUT! You can clear this baggage out of your system!
Some things may be easier than others to clear. But if you do the work, you will notice this baggage being left at the door.
Here are 7 simple and smart tips that you can follow right now to start getting rid of your money baggage:
  1. Write it down. When you have something come up that you think can even be any sort of money baggage, write it down and then keep writing about it. As you write, more things are going to come up. All of this baggage that you have, is like an onion, so the more you do the work, the more you are going to find. So just keep writing it down. Make it a habit to write this stuff on a daily basis, and the more baggage you will get rid of.
  2. Meditate . I know, meditation isn’t for everyone. But when you are stuck with this baggage that you have, sometimes meditation is one of the only things that will give you the answers you are looking for. It doesn’t have to be a meditation for a long period of time, just 3-5 minutes will usually work too.
  3. Spend time outside walking. The more time you spend in nature, the more answers you will get. Mother Nature is one of your best friends on this journey and being around the plants and wild animals is very good medicine. (This also counts as a type of meditation, so it’s best to do it without music, let the sounds of nature be your music.)
  4. Chat with a friend. Do this when you feel the need to really chat and get out of your system what is really bothering you. By chatting with someone else, you can get things out of your head easier, partly because talking is easier than writing, but also because your friend is a neutral party and can help you brainstorm this stuff that is inside you and wants to come out.
  5. Use essential oils. You may think I’m crazy by suggesting this, but I’m here to tell you that essential oils WORK! I’ve been using them myself for a few months now and they have helped me with all kinds of things. The best essential oils to help you with this baggage are citrus oils (lemon, orange, tangerine, etc.), Patchouli and Ylang Ylang. All you need is 1-2 drops and you would rub them on the back of your neck at the base of your skull. That is all! Do this first thing in the morning as you are starting your day. And what will happen is they will help you bring to the surface the baggage that you need to release. Then since these memories are being brought to the surface, they are then being released and you don’t dwell on them.
  6. Create yourself a virtual suitcase. This suitcase can be in the form of a notebook, a document on your computer, a binder, or anything that suits your need. Inside this suitcase, you are just going to put all of your baggage or limiting beliefs that you want to get rid of. There is no need to write why you want to get rid of it, what it’s affecting today, or anything else, but what exactly this piece of baggage is. Then, once a week, month, quarter, etc. whatever feels right to you, burn all of the baggage that you have written down. Burning it, sends it back to the universe and releases it from you.
  7. Eat vegetables that come from roots. Okay, I know you are thinking what does my diet have to do with getting rid of this baggage? Well, to be honest, your diet has everything to do with it and how you think. The foods you eat affect your brain every single day. And all of this baggage is in your brain. But when you eat vegetables that comes from roots – carrots, onions, potatoes and so on, you are putting grounding agents into your body. To help you get clear, you need to be grounded, so eating these vegetables helps you get grounded faster.
You don’t have to use all of these tips, or you can use all of them. These are what works best for me over the past several years of working with this stuff. Because believe me, I have a LOT of money baggage from my childhood and even after my childhood. But I’m no longer letting it affect me. I use these tips on a regular basis and clear out this stuff whenever it comes up.
 love affair with money

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She has 3 college degrees and is an accountant as well. She has two furbabies – Sparky and Chubbs, who really act like children and keep her on her toes every single day. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch. 

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