99 Problems But Money isn’t One!

99 problems
We are humans, problems are what we seem to focus on more than anything else. 

There are problems with this and that, no matter where you look. 
And so many of us seem to think we have problems with money, it doesn’t stay around long enough, there isn’t enough at the end of the month, I can’t pay all of my bills, I spend too much money. 
I don’t really want to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s never about the money. There are so many other issues that you have deep down that are the reason why you don’t have enough money in your life. 
So let’s look at some of these issues. 
You need approval from: 
1. Your mother.
2. Your father.
3. Your brother and sister.
4. Your best friend. 
5. Your boss. 
6. Your cousin.
7. Your aunt.
8. Your neighbor.
9. Your landlord.
10. Anyone but yourself.
Actually, the only person you EVER need approval from is yourself. You are not here to please anyone but yourself. You may piss some people off and you may have others jumping for joy with you. But start just pleasing yourself from now on.
You need:
11. Someone else to believe that you are capable of that job you just started.
12. Your new neighbor to trust you.
13. To lose just ten more pounds.
14. The newest computer.
15. The newest phone.
16. Better lighting equipment to record your videos.
17. A different webcam.
18. Your own home office.
19. A new car.
20. A new home.
21. To attend more classes and webinars and get more education.
You ARE ENOUGH just the way you are. You don’t need to have the latest of anything to make you feel more than enough. More education isn’t going to make you a better person. Start believing right now that you are enough. You have enough. Physical belongings don’t change anything. Step up and just be YOU.
You are lonely:
22. Your closest relationship is to your couch and TV.
23. You sleep alone.
24. You have a HUGE bed. 
25. You need new friends. 
26. You need a new best friend, that actually responds when you talk.
27. Your house is too big. 
28. Your house is too small.
29. Cooking for one, day in and day out, is lonely.
30. Eating out is embarrassing for just one person.
31. You need a boyfriend.
32. You need some new gal pals.
33. You need to have a gal pal sleepover.
34. You live too far away from your family.
35. No one in your family knows what you do.
36. No one in your family appreciates what you do.
Loneliness is a big killer of our time and energy. But you need to learn to form a relationship with yourself before these other relationships start coming easier. When you can be alone and not feel lonely, your loneliness will disappear pretty fast.
You need to feel:
37. Appreciated.
38. Grateful.
39. Proud.
40. Loved.
41. More extroverted.
42. Wealthy.
43. Happy.
44. Joyful.
45. Rich.
46. More expansive.
47. Taken care of.
48. Knowledgeable.
You are the only one who change your own feelings. Having money and even not having money won’t change these feelings. You need to believe in yourself and know that you can feel these feelings on a regular basis. 
Your career:
49. Is boring.
50. You’ve hit the glass ceiling.
51. You want to have your business.
52. You hate your coworkers.
53. You hate your boss.
54. You hate the drive to work.
55. You want to stay at home with your kids.
56. You want to work while you stay home with the kids.
57. You’re sick of the kids and want to work in an office.
58. You want to do something you love.
59. You go back to school.
60. You hate your classes.
61. You work too hard.
62. You don’t have enough work to do.
It doesn’t matter whether you work for yourself or you work a job for someone else. The way you feel about yourself, is the way that those who work with you will see you too. If you don’t like what you do, it will show in the work you do, your coworkers and boss and clients will know that you don’t like what you are doing. So you will be stuck in a job you don’t like, working with people you don’t like, for a pay that shows you don’t like what you do.
It’s just too hard:
63. You don’t know how to market your services.
64. You don’t know how to show up and be you.
65. You don’t know how to just be YOU, not who someone else wants you to be.
66. You have to please your parents.
67. You have to please your friends.
68. You have to please your college professors.
69. You have to show up better than your exes.
70. You have to be who “they” want you to be.
71. You need more education.
72. You need more courses.
73. You need more accountability.
74. You need someone to just do the work for you.
When it comes to your own beliefs, whether limiting or not, only YOU can take responsibility for them. Own them. Step up and be in your power. Be YOU. You have all that you need to succeed in the best possible way. 
Spending money is easy:
75. You spend money you don’t have.
76. You use credit cards like they are going out style.
77. You take out a loan to pay for more stuff.
78. You want that new top that matches those jeans you bought last week.
79. You need a new notebook to record your thoughts.
80. You need a new wardrobe. Yours is so last season.
81. Your dog needs some new toys and a new bed.
82. You need to buy more gadgets for the kitchen. 
83. You need new decorations.
84. You have to have the latest magazines every week.
85. You need new shoes.
86. You need the ingredients for this new diet.
87. You need to have that newest workout DVD.
Spending money is a form of avoidance. You spend more money and don’t realize that what you are spending money on is something that you really don’t need and then it’s just going to sit on that shelf, in that drawer, on that counter, and you really aren’t going to use it. Maybe you’ll use it once or twice. But you are spending money to avoid taking control of where your money should be going. 
You are overwhelmed:
88. You have too much to do.
89. You’ll do that tomorrow.
90. You’ll do that next month.
91. You’ll do that next year.
92. You are stressed.
93. Everything is too hard.
94. You don’t know enough.
95. You know too much.
96. You don’t know where to start.
97. You don’t know who to ask.
98. You don’t know who to turn to for help.
99. Life is too hard.
I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you. They come to me asking me about help with their money, but it’s never really about the money. Sure, they don’t have money in their life, but there is always another reason, or 99, why that money isn’t in their life. 
Money is a made up form of compensation that humans used to value items. It is an energy exchange. Instead of saying “I’ll do this for you and you do this for me.” We exchange money in order for you to do this for me. Now I pay you this amount of money and you do that task for me. 
It really doesn’t matter what you think money is holding you back from or why you can’t go out and get some money right now. There is always going to be some underlying belief there, it’s never really about the money. 
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