How Your Money Mindset Affects Everything

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If you read last week’s blog post where I started this series about your money mindset, then you are all ready for this post here. So if you haven’t read last week’s, then please go check that out first.

Last week, I mentioned that it’s never really about the money when we have all these mindsets and blocks that do affect our money. And that’s the truth.

And it’s true because the money mindset issues we have all come about from other things.

Money Mindset


For example, one of you parents stole money out of your piggy bank when you were a child. And you just never really were able to forgive that parent for what they did. But this feeling always comes back to you whenever it comes to something about you generating money.

So you are afraid to have money in your wallet and your bank accounts because you are afraid of other people – not just the parent – stealing this money from you. The underlying issue here is trusting people with your money.

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Here’s another example, you have been in a romantic relationship with a man, and this relationship is somewhat rocky. You guys never do anything together anymore, or maybe you just fight all the time. And because of this relationship with him, you now put all of your energy into running your own business or working your day job. So the issue that you have is that you can’t have a successful work like and a successful love life at the same time.

As you can see, these examples around the issue of money because our mindsets around money really do affect everything


In the first example, the trust issues that have been formed actually make it so that you don’t want to generate money and in the second example, the relationship issues have made you believe that it’s one or the other, you can’t have both a successful work life and a successful relationship.


The way we feel in all of our relationships with ourselves and other people
affect everything we do
around money too.

Maybe you are the kind of person who never has any money because by the time you receive any money from a paycheck or client, you spend it immediately, almost like it’s a hot potato and you can’t have any money in your life.

This belief could stem from several different types of issues – the trust issues as described above, having a belief that you never have any money, and even a belief that you don’t know how to manage money.

The first step in solving these money mindset issues is to create an awareness around the issues that you do have, then you do the work to solve the issues. And this can be some very hard work to really get your mindsets from where they are to where you want them to be.

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I know from experience how hard these issues are to solve, this is work I am constantly doing on myself. Just like everything else in our lives, all of our mindsets are like an onion and once you work on one layer, there is always another layer to work on even deeper.  But like I said, the first step is just setting that awareness and really being aware of what is around you and the money mindset issues that you have.

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