How to Almost Eliminate Your Refund Requests in Your Business

The one thing that pops up a LOT in the online business world is people being afraid of their customers asking for a refund. 

The more you are afraid of people asking for refunds, the more you are putting the thought process out into the world that you want your customers to ask for refunds. That is just what you are attracting. 

So how do you almost eliminate your refund requests? 

First, you need to fully believe in what you offer and that people will buy it and love it. 

Of course, you are going to end up with people who don’t love it. But the majority of the people who buy it will love it and begin to become part of your 1000 true fans tribe. 

If you don’t believe in what you offer, what makes you think that your buyer will believe in what you have to offer? 

You’ve done the work to create and put out into the world a new product, so why shouldn’t you be proud of your work. 

So what if it’s not your best work. You can always change and update it in the future. There is no rule that you can’t update or change your work as time goes on. 

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Next, you need to stop thinking that someone is going to ask for a refund. 

Will it happen? Maybe, maybe not. 

But when you think about the people who buy your product asking for a refund more people will request those refunds. 

Just stop thinking that people will request refunds. 

No, really, stop thinking about the refunds at all. 

I had this one client that every single time she launched, she voiced how she was afraid that everyone was going to cancel their recurring payment plan with her. 

Every single time, I told her, stop thinking about that. That is exactly what you are going to bring about. 

The first that she did while we were working together, she had at least 5 people who conveniently “forgot” they were on a payment plan and there was more than one payment. They thought there was only the initial payment for the course. 

This was one of the main things my client was thinking about when it came to receiving money in her business, she wasn’t going to get all of the money owed to her by her clients.

The next time she launched while she was working with me, she said she was going to follow my directions and just know that everyone is going to pay her what they owe based on their plans and not cancel, etc. 

And you know what?!

Every single person paid their balance in full and no one “forgot” about their payment plan or upcoming payments. 

When you think about people always requesting refunds, that’s exactly what will happen. 

Lastly, you can just set the intention that you aren’t open to receiving refund requests. 

Everytime you sell something new or just put out a post for a sale, just set the intention that you aren’t open to receive any refund requests. 

There is a second part to this though: you also have to believe the intention that you are setting.


Don’t just say that you intend to not receive any refund requests. Actually believe that your intention is true and the refund requests won’t be coming through. 

You’ll get the occasional refund request.

If you follow the advice above, you’ll get an occasional refund request here and there. But you won’t have refund requests on a regular basis. 

The most important piece of not having refund requests is that you believe in your own products and courses and services more than anyone else. If you don’t believe in them, then how can anyone else? 

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