Are you planning Black Friday and Holiday sales this year?

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Before you know it, Black Friday and the holidays will be here. 

In your business, you should definitely have your sales at least somewhat planned out in August-September. 


Because time flies. 

You are always busy in your business and if you don’t plan ahead of time, then you can basically plan to fail. 

The holiday season is a buying frenzy. Is it something you can capitalize on in your business? 

Here are some planning questions to ask yourself about whether or not you should plan a Black Friday or holiday sale:

Do you have products or courses that you can sell at a significant discount and not actually lose money? 

Most of the products and courses that we create don’t take a lot of money and time involvement after the original creation, therefore, you will usually make a nice profit from those courses and products. 

But you also need to remember that it’s not always right to offer a discount on a course or product you’ve sold before. You will usually get past customers mad at you. 

But you may also have followers that are just waiting for you to offer a sale. 

You most likely do not want to be known as the business owner who always offers sales, so the only way you really make money is if you offer a sale. 

But if you have created a course that you ran live and now you want to sell just the course, no time with you, then that is usually in alignment with offering these sales. Offer your course as a DIY version and you can easily mark it down by 50% for the holiday sales.

Are you creating something new that you’ve never sold before? 

Or maybe you want to create a new course that you’ve never sold before. Since you’ve never sold it before to anyone, it is very easy to cut the price in half. 

This could also be a way to test the waters and see if there is a want for your course or product. 

But this is another reason why you need to plan now. Plan out the program. Plan what is involved in the program. 

Can you offer gifts of your products or courses or services? 

It’s the holiday season and people are always looking for different gifts since everyone already has everything. 

If you can offer a way for someone to buy a gift for someone else during the holiday season, you may be able to make more sales. Plus this is a different angle for you to make sales. 

What are your goals? 

Do you have any goals for your Black Friday and holiday sales? 

Do you want to grow your email list? 

Do you want to earn a certain amount of money? 

Do you want to give away anything during the holiday season? 

Who do you want to serve? And what do you want to serve them? 

While planning out your sales, you also need to plan out your goals. Make sure you also include dates in your goal planning as well. 

How early should you plan? 

I know you are probably thinking that August-September is too early to plan for Black Friday and holiday sales. 

But it’s really not. 

The holiday season will be here before you know it. And then gone even quicker. 

Even if you don’t plan in August-September, you should have you plan in place by the end of October. Don’t wait until the week of Black Friday to start your planning. 

What are your Black Friday and holiday sale plans this year? 

Are you going to offer a sale this year for the holiday season? 

What are you offering? 

What are you going to charge? 

What are your goals? 

The earlier you plan, the easier the holiday season will be for you. 


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