Do you actually believe in your offer?

Actually take a minute and stop and think about that. 

Do you actually believe in what you have to offer? 

Do you believe that what you are selling is actually going to help someone change their life and/or their business? 

It doesn’t matter if your offer is an ebook that you wrote in half a day or 6 month long course or 3 months of private 1:1 work with you. 

Do you actually believe in the offer you are putting out there? 

Do you know deep down that everyone who goes through this offer is going to get some kind of transformation upon completion? 

If you don’t actually have this belief and knowing about your offer, then your potential clients can feel it too. 

If you are too scared to put the offer out there for them to buy; if you are too scared about being called a fraud or not knowing enough; if you are too scared of what someone else is going to think - then your potential clients will feel it too. 

When you don’t believe in your offer, you end up spending way too much time trying to force yourself to sell it. 

But since you don’t believe in it, it won’t really sell. 


How many times have you been in this position? 

The same thing goes with raising your prices. If you don’t actually believe in your offer, you won’t be comfortable with raising your prices. 

Can you change your beliefs if you don’t believe in your offer? 

You may be able to change your beliefs. 

Sit down and write out what is in your offer. Write out what you think your client will get when they finish with your offer. How will it change your client’s life and/or business? 

Now that you can see all of that, what else will it take for you to fully believe in your offer? 

What else do you need to do know and/or do to believe in what you are offering? 

Do you need to go through it with someone at a heavily discounted price (or for free)? Reach out to someone you think would be a good fit in a private message. Ask them if they would like to be a guinea pig with your program. Then give them your all. 

Be the person you really want to be when you deliver this program to your new client. 

Then assess how much you believe in your program both while they are going through it and after they have finished. 

What if you still can’t fully believe in your offer? 

Maybe then you should table the idea and try to find something else that you fully do believe in. 

You can come back later. 

You may not believe in it because there is something missing. When you come back to it after leaving it for a while, you may notice exactly what it’s missing. 

I find things all the time at a much later date when I just walk away from something. I even did that today. I had an inkling to go back to something I tried to offer last year and revamp it and offer it again this year. And I feel much more connected to the offer now than I did last year, and the missing pieces from last year, just fell into place today. 

You are not alone if you can’t fully believe in your offer right now. 

Do you know how many offers people dream up that never really see the light of day because the creator just can’t get behind it fully? 

It happens more than people like to admit. 

Just go back to the drawing board and keep thinking. Walk away from your current offer and then come back to it at a later date. Things may fall into place. 

If you don’t believe in your offer, it won’t sell

It is plain and simple. If you don’t believe in your offer, you won’t be able to get the messaging right and the offer won’t sell. 

Your potential clients can feel that something is off in your offer and they will walk away. 

They may not be able to tell what is off, just that something is off. 

You need to be able to believe in your offer and fully stand behind it. If you don’t, you won’t be able to come up with the right messaging, the right pricing, the right anything. 

Don’t be afraid to scrap something or let it sit and marinate. You may need time away from it, then when you come back it will just come to you. 

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