Why Your Best Clients Will Pay You Over and Over Again

You’ve heard about the 1000 True Fans. 

The people who buy everything you have to sell. They buy before you even finish creating the sales page or even know what the new course or product will be. 

No matter what you do, they will throw their money at you. 

Of course this is something that every business owner wants to happen to them. 

Now these fans are also fans of yours because you actually teach them something. You help be better than they were at the something that you teach.

They are happy to keep learning from you. 

Your Price Doesn’t Matter to Them

Your prices really don’t matter to them. 

You could be charging thousands of dollars and they will still find a way to pay you and get your course or product. 

They are devoted to you because you HELP them. 

How often have you found a person that you absolutely love to follow and just need to buy their courses? 

That is what your customers are to you. 

They need a tangible outcome

This is not to say that what you are offering is something tangible. But at the end of working with you, they have some kind of outcome that changes something either in them or in their business. 

For example, by working with me on your business finances, you get a system set up and you understand how to read your business financial statements. By reading those statements you can easily understand what is happening financially in your business, and be able to use the patterns and seasons that happen in your business to continue to grow your business. 

If you hire a social media manager, the tangible result is that you now have less thinking about and doing the social media stuff in your business. You gain more time, and possibly a little less stress about social media. 

If you hire a copywriter, you lose the stress of having to write your copy (cuz that shit is hard!) and end up with the words on a page that will sell your stuff. 

If you hire a personal trainer, you end up with a healthier body and a routine to get more exercise. 

This outcome that your buyers are getting is what they really want. It helps them to make the changes they’ve wanted to make. 

And when you constantly give them the reassurance that you are helping them make changes, they will keep coming back again and again. 

They love what you do

You have proven time and time again that you know what you are doing when it comes to your topic. And they absolutely love learning from you and how you teach. 

Yes, you may have a handful of competitors that teach the same thing you do. But only YOU can teach the way you teach. And YOU are the reason they come to you. 

They chose you. They resonate with you and your methods much better than they do any of your competitors. 

Stop letting the bad customers get in your way

There are always going to be the bad customers here and there. Nothing you can really do about them, except to stop letting them get you down. 

This is a part of being in business. You will always have at least one person who just doesn’t like how you do things. 

Just move on. There are plenty more who do love how you do things, so don’t let this one person wreck your entire business. 

How to Build your 1000 True Fans

The simplest and easy way is to just be you. Do the things you have always wanted to do in your business and do them with your whole heart. 

The people who are your true fans will be drawn to you and just start following you. 

Keep sharing what you love doing. Let the world know. Give value to those who do follow you. And when someone signs up to work with you, give them everything you promised that you would give them. 

It really is that simple. Just fulfill your promises. And then maybe go a little above and beyond what you said you would deliver. 

Are you ready for the clients that are going to pay you over and over? 

I know every business owner wants this type of client. It’s what makes our businesses something that we really love to do even more. 

Start making your business the best that you can today, before you even have those 1000 true fans. And you’ll begin attracting those true fans. 

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