Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Don't forget your gift for Mother's Day this year. Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May. This year that means it is May 12, 2019. It is fast approaching. Get your mom the best gift this year and make it one she will remember forever. 

Best Gifts for Mothers Day

In my experience, I've seen so many people not know what to get the mom in their life for Mother's Day, so I thought I'd create a guide with thoughtful gifts that can be from the kids (no matter their age) or their father. 

Here are some gift ideas for your mom this year: 

Gift card and/or prebooked massage or spa day

What woman doesn't like a little bit of pampering? Especially a mom! Mom is always so focused on taking care of the kids, that taking some time for herself is always put on the backburner. So get her a gift to spend some time away from the kids and family for a little while and enjoy being pampered for once.

A Day/Night without the kids

Mom is always taking care of everyone else, it's time to give her some time alone. Book her a hotel room where she can spend a day and/or night away from everyone. Or just take the kids away and give mom the house to herself for several hours. 

Best Gifts for Mothers Day

Handmade Gifts that can be used further into the future

This includes things like stepping stones, What I Love About Mom fill in journal, a photo album to create some memories and bring them front of mind, or get the kids together and create a homemade video telling mom why she is so important in your lives and why you love her. 

When you use gifts like this to show mom how much she really is loved, it is so much more appreciated. And it is something that she can look back on later and see the thought and love that really went into creating this gift just for her. 


Taking a nice, quiet bath alone is something that many women seem to enjoy. Bathbombs that are made from all natural ingredients and smell nice, make the bath even more enjoyable. 

New Watch

There is a brand (Citizen Eco-Drive) of watches that run without the use of a battery. That means these watches last for a very long time, but also tend to be on the more expensive side. But they are gorgeous watches as well and a gift that any mom is sure to love. I have one of these watches myself and I absolutely love it. My mom loves her Citizen Eco-Drive watch too. 

Personalized Scented Candle

If your mom is into candles, why not get one that is personalized with a special message just from you? 

Personalized Mugs

Does mom drink a lot of coffee or hot drinks? Get her a mug, but make it a special mug that isn't boring, like one of those below. 

Birthday Reminder Board

When you have a lot of people in your family, that is a lot of a birthdays to remember. But with the calendar board, you can have all of the birthdays listed in one place and always know when the next birthday is coming up. 

Special Jewelry, Just for Mom

Mom is a very special person. So why not get her a special piece of jewelry that will help her remember how much you really do love her. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers are one of the best ways to consume essential oils and create a healthier home. When you get mom a diffuser, she'll love it and how it makes her home smell so amazing with the oils that she loves as well. 

Essential Oil Starter Kit

Maybe your mom is already into essential oils, or maybe she hasn't even started yet. Get her some of her favorite oils to replenish her supply, or buy her a kit of oils to help her get started with oils. 

Best Gifts for Mothers Day essential oils

Weekender Bag

Mom is always on the go, and usually with kids in tow. Get her a bag that she can take with her wherever she goes and always have the pertinent essentials that she needs. 

Mother's day is the one day a year where you show your mom how much you really do appreciate her. Appreciating her doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of money on her. It can be as simple as buying her a bouquet of flowers or even just a card, if money is tight. 

But make sure you at least tell your mom Happy Mother's Day and let her know that you do appreciate her for everything she has done for you. 

Best Gifts for Mothers Day

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