Best Gifts for the New Graduates

The biggest graduation season is almost upon us. Most schools have their graduation ceremonies in May and June. But there can be other times throughout the year that graduations happen too, like December. 

And I see posts on Facebook on a regular basis with people asking what to get the new graduates in their family for a gift. So what better way to help them out, than by creating a gift guide of gifts that graduates could definitely use as they start out their new life, whether it be as a college freshmen or a brand new adult starting out their first full time job. 

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Best Gifts for the Graduates

Here are gift ideas for the new graduate: 

Leather Bound Journal

While embarking on a new journey and starting this new life that we like to call adulting, a special journal can come in handy for them to note down the most notable, and maybe even the worst parts of this journal of adulthood

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Hard Shell Carry On Luggage

They may have to travel for their new job. It is very helpful for them to now have a really nice piece of luggage that they can use and not have to worry about purchasing when they need to travel. 

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Set of Pots and Pans

Most new graduates will be moving into a place of their own as they start their new job. And they will definitely be needing a set of pots and pans that will last them for many years to come. Most of the graduates won't appreciate this gift at the time (I know I didn't when this is gift I received from my parents), but in time, they will learn to appreciate this gift. 

Tool Set

Having tools available when you actually need them and not having to spend money that they don't have is one of the greatest gifts that will just keep on working throughout adulthood. A tool set is something that always comes in handy for just having around.

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Light Powered Watch

Watches that take batteries die and then the battery rarely gets replaced. So why not buy a watch that is powered by light and doesn't run on a battery? Plus these watches are gorgeous and help make a new graduate look more professional as well. 

New Wallet

A new wallet would be a great gift to give to a new graduate, but it may also be something that the graduate would prefer to pick out themselves. 

Limited Ingredient Cookbook

During college (and even right after graduation - thank you student loans!), money is usually limited. So a cookbook that has many meals that are 5 ingredients or less would be the perfect gift, so that students can enjoy really good food and still stay on a budget. 

Best Gifts for Graduates

Car Safety Hammer

This is a tool that should be kept in every single car in the case of an accident. So what better way for a young person to know that they have one, than to receive it as a gift?


Most younger people would prefer to have one small piece of hardware that can do just about everything they need to do. A multitool usually has 10 or tools in one piece of hardware and most of the younger adults would prefer to have one of these in their pocket or purse that is available all they want. 

Best Gifts for Graduates

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