Happy Holidays!!

The money stuff in your business is usually very stressful.  But this year, you can take advantage of some holiday deals to help relieve some of that stress.  

You can buy now and wait until after the holidays are over to even use your special sessions.

The deals on this page are effective November 25, 2020 through December 1, 2020.

Option #1: 90 minute Tax Strategy Session

Only 8 3 sessions available. Can be bought now and used in January or February.

In this session, you get 90 uninterrupted, recorded minutes with me to work on your business. We can plan out your business strategy for 2021, get you all lined up for 2020 with your taxes, or a combination of the two.

You will get prework emailed to you to help you get the best out of this session.

These sessions are normally $999. You can buy these sessions today for just $333.

Sessions must be used by March 31, 2021.

Check out the full page for tax strategy sessions here.

Option #2: Business Money Mastery Series with a Bonus 1:1 Session with me

The Business Money Mastery Series is a series of 8 Masterclasses to help you get all of the money stuff set up correctly in your business. 

The masterclasses are being taught live and as of right now, 3 of the 8 classes have been taught. You will get immediate access to the recordings. And have the ability to attend the other classes live and get all of your questions answered. Plus if you have questions after the class is over, I am available for your questions. 

My entire goal with this series to make sure that all online business owners have their money stuff set up correctly in their business.

And if you buy this series between the dates of November 25, 2020 and December 1, 2020, you'll also get a bonus 1:1 session with me. The session will take place over Zoom. You have until March 31, 2021 to use your session.  Scheduling directions will be in your email after purchase. 

The Business Money Mastery Series is normally $297 and a 1:1 session with me is normally $297. 

Get both today for just $197!

Check out the full sales page for The Business Money Mastery Series here. See below for the list of classes.

List of Masterclasses:

Class #1: The Business Money Foundations - Recorded 10/28/20

  • What are the most important money things you need to have in place in your business
  • When should you get these foundations set up

Class #2: Paying Yourself in Your Business - Recorded 11/12/20

  • Should you pay yourself in your business? 
  • What counts as paying yourself? 
  • How do you pay yourself? 
  • What about paying taxes? 
  • What about paying other people who work for you in your business? 
  • Also: bonus spreadsheet to help you calculate your pay and your taxes

Class #3: Analyzing Your Business Money: Finding Seasons and Patterns and Using Them - Recorded 11/20/20

  • The most important part of your business finances is to analyze what has been happening in your business. 
  • The past always tells you what has happened and then you can use that information to continue to grow your business going forward. 
  • We’re going to dive into finding these seasons and patterns in your business, as well as flags that can indicate your business is going the wrong way. 

Class #4: Your Record Keeping System - Live class 12/2/20

  • What is the best method for doing your business’s bookkeeping? 
  • Do you need a bookkeeping program or will a spreadsheet work?
  • What is the point of doing bookkeeping? 

Class #5: Your Business’s Profit Plan - Live class 12/11/20

  • Are you planning to create a profit in your business? 
  • What does your business’s plan to actually make money in your business look like? 
  • Do you know how much money you need to make to bring in a profit and still run your business efficiently? 

Class #6: Your Business’s Cash Flow Plan - Live class 12/22/20

  • How is cash actually flowing into your business? 
  • How is cash flowing out of your business? 
  • Cash does not equal profit, but you need to know both. 

Class #7: Planning 2021 for Your Business (Hot seats included!)  - Live class 12/30/20

  • Now that you have your business financial foundations in place, let’s make a real plan for 2021 for your business. 
  • Get my individual help on your business with a hot seat.

Class #8: Creating a Tax Strategy for Your Business - Live class 1/12/21

  • Do you have an actual tax strategy in place in your business? 
  • Are you saving money for tax payments before they are due? 
  • How do you actually create this strategy in your business? 

Bonus: The Legal Structures of Business

  • What are the legal structures
  • What is the best legal structure for my business
  • How do I choose which legal structure to use

Option #3: 2 Weeks Unlimited Pricing or Business Strategy

Only 5 1 available. Your 2 weeks can start anytime between the day of purchase and April 30, 2021.

You get 2 weeks of unlimited voxer/email/messenger support from me (I will be available and responding between the hours of 7am Eastern time and 8pm Eastern time). We can work any part of your business, including building your offers, figuring out your pricing, getting anything and everything set up with your business money, money mindset, etc. 

Sometimes you really just need someone who is completely outside your business to really help you with your business. You can't always see the blindspots that you have and you are attached to the outcome. I am unattached to the outcome and I can read between the lines and feel more into what you are looking for.

Normal price is $1000. You can get a 50% discount today and buy your 2 weeks for just $500.

This support does not include any video sessions. All support is through one messenger method of your choice, Voxer, email or Facebook Messenger. The directions will be automatically sent to you upon purchase in an email.

Check out the full page for Voxer Support here.