How Your Money Mindset Affects Everything

If you read last week’s blog post where I started this series about your money mindset, then you are all ready for this post here. So if you haven’t read last week’s, then please go check that out first. Last week, I mentioned that it’s never really about the money when we have all these […]

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How the New VAT Tax Laws Affect US Business Owners

Recently there has been a lot of hype over the new VAT tax laws that are going into effect on January 1, 2015. So I decided to do some major digging and research and see what I can find out and how this relates to our American businesses and put it in as simple terms […]

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Your Money Mindset Can be Your Best or Worst Asset

All of the mindsets that we have with us today are formed in our very early years here on Earth, from our parents. The mindsets you have regarding love, relationships, even marriage, sharing, and most importantly money come from our parents’ beliefs. And for the majority of our parent’s, their beliefs came from their parents […]

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Creating a Budget

When you are small business solopreneur, and are just starting out, you need to really set and stick to a budget for your business. Even once you have a steady income in your business, you need to set a budget as well. By using a budget as a solopreneur you can be ready when some […]

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