How to Raise Your Prices

You want to raise your prices, but you aren’t quite sure how to do that. It took a lot to just come up with the prices that you are charging right now. Okay then, let’s discuss raising prices a little here. If you have existing customers you want to raise prices for, check out How to Raise Prices […]

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How to Raise Your Prices for Existing Customers

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to raise your prices. Yay! I’m so proud of you!But you already have existing customers paying your current prices. So what do you do? Not everything you change your prices for will affect your current customers. When you have 1 on 1 services that may or may not affect your current […]

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Should You Offer a Coupon or Discount Code on an Existing Product?

You have a product or course in your business inventory that you maybe haven’t actively sold for a while. Now you want to sell that offer and create a cash infusion in your business. Should you offer a discount or coupon code on this product to new purchasers? Have you sold this product successfully before? If you have never […]

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The Most Important Factor to Include in Your Pricing

What is the resource that we have as humans that is considered one of the most scarce resources available? TIME. Time is limited. Time is nonrenewable. Time can never be created. But that also means that you can relate your price to time. How much time will your product or service save me? How much time will I not waste by hiring […]

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How to Almost Eliminate Your Refund Requests in Your Business

The one thing that pops up a LOT in the online business world is people being afraid of their customers asking for a refund. The more you are afraid of people asking for refunds, the more you are putting the thought process out into the world that you want your customers to ask for refunds. That […]

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How Your Money Mindset Affects Your Pricing in Your Business

Your money mindset really does affect all areas of your business, but it especially affects your pricing (and your business finances, but we’ll talk about that another day). When was the last time that you thought something like:“How does she charge that?”“I can’t charge that much.” “No one will buy from me.”“But this is easy for me. […]

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“Charge Your Worth” is Bullshit

People who call themselves experts and gurus are always saying to “charge your worth.” Well, I say “charge your worth” is bullshit. What does that actually mean anyway?!What you charge in your business has absolutely NOTHING to do with your worth as a person. What makes up your worth? You.Plain and simple, you make up your worth. Not your business. […]

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The Reasons Why People Buy

Spending money is something that humans do every single day. Some people spend money daily. Some people only spend money every few days. Some people rarely spend any money at all. But it’s a given that spending money happens every single day, in one way or another. But what really makes people buy something? To see why people […]

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The Best Books for Small Business Owners Who Hate Bookkeeping and Accounting

As a business owner, you need to know how to understand your business finances. This means you need to know how to prepare your bookkeeping and tax returns. You need to understand balance sheets and income sheets and the cash flow statement. But when you are first starting out in your business, you don’t always have […]

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father's day gift guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is the third Sunday in June every year. And yet it always seems like it comes faster and faster each year. Amiright?!?  I personally always find it hard to find something to get my dad each year.   I mean, what do you get for the man who really does have everything he wants?   A man only […]

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Review: The Course Creator's Guide to Affiliate Hosting

Review: The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting

I’ve been looking at ways to improve my affiliate game, both as an affiliate and as an affiliate host. And in my search for more information on taking my affiliate game further, I found The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting. This course is for course creators that are looking to have affiliates sell their own […]

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collect payments

How Can I Collect Payments in my Online Business?

Another question that comes up when you start selling anything in your business, is how do I collect payments?There are so many options available these days to allow you to collect payments in your business. Some of the options are just a way for you to collect a payment, others are all in one cart […]

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mass payment feature paypal

How to Use the Mass Payment Feature of PayPal

Are you someone who pays your affiliates through PayPal? Or maybe you have give donations to multiple people at once through PayPal? Did you know that PayPal has an option to make a mass payment? This feature is totally awesome and as much as I dislike PayPal, I’m in love with this feature. When you use the mass […]

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avoid paypal stripe fees

How Do I Get Around the PayPal or Stripe Fees?

Do you know how often I get asked how often a business owner can get around the PayPal or Stripe (or any other payment processor)’s fees? Well, I’d be retired on the beaches of Hawaii right now if I got a quarter every time I get asked. The short answer to this question is: there is no […]

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organized and prepared for tax time

Getting Organized & Prepared for Tax Time in Your Online Business

It’s the beginning of a new year, which also means it’s time to wrap up the last year and file your taxes. Which also means, that it’s the most stressful time of the year for most business owners. I understand that tax time isn’t fun for most people, but when you are prepared ahead of time […]

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best time to hire accountant

Is There a Best or Worst Time to Hire an Accountant or Bookkeeper?

Is there really a best and a worst time to hire an accountant, a bookkeeper and a financial strategist to help you with your business?    There are always best and worst times to hire anyone to help you in your business.    You should have an accountant and a bookkeeper in your back pocket at all times in […]

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pros & cons of freshbooks

The Pros and Cons of Freshbooks Online Cloud Accounting Program

As an accountant and online business bookkeeper, there are two main cloud accounting programs that I use and recommend to my clients. Today I want to discuss the pros and cons of Freshbooks Cloud Accounting.  This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may get paid a small sum of money that helps […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Expense Deductions for Bloggers

One of the most confusing parts of owning a business, is knowing how to do your business bookkeeping and taxes.      And now that you have started your blog, you want to make sure that you are doing things right.       Or maybe you’ve had your blog for a while now, but […]

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Accrual or Cash Basis of Accounting: What’s the Difference? What do I use?

There are two basis of accounting methods: cash basis and accrual basis. Every time I bring these two words up, no one knows what I’m talking about, so I don’t expect you to know them either. Actually, it’s probably why you are here reading this post.      Part of doing the accounting for your […]

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home office deduction guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Home Office Deduction for Small Online Businesses

One of the questions that I get asked on a regular basis is how to calculate the home office deduction for self-employed business owners.  So let’s break this down into easy to understand terms to help you understand if you and your online business qualify for the home office deduction.  This post may contain affiliate […]

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