how to set prices in your business so you don't go broke

How to Set Your Prices So You Aren’t Broke

Small business owners are always hard pressed for learning how to set their prices in their online businesses. Being completely honest, setting prices can be either really easy or really hard. But for your online business, you need to learn the art of setting prices or you will go broke and your small business will […]

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broken piggy bank emergency fund emergencies keep happening

I’ve Built My Emergency Fund, Now Emergencies Keep Happening

Have you built your emergency fund to an amount you are happy with? And now that the money is just “sitting” there, emergencies happen so that you have to spend this money?  Your car breaks down and fixing it costs 75% of your saved emergency fund. ‚ÄčOr your refrigerator just quits working and you need to go […]

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money mistakes business owner needs to avoid

Big Money Mistakes Every Business Owner Needs to Avoid

Money mistakes are pretty much inevitable. They are going to happen. But they are going to happen because no one is perfect. But when you own your own business, there are some money mistakes that every business owner needs to avoid.   When you avoid making these big money mistakes in your business, then you just may […]

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money lessons from the wolf of wall street

The Biggest Money Relationship Lessons to be Learned from The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie that features Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort. It is based on a true story of how a young adult started at the very bottom of the Wall Street corporate ladder and then in just a few short years, he was a billionaire. The movie depicts the life […]

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Celebrating Your Money Wins

Did you know that you really should celebrate all of your money wins? It doesn’t matter if they are big or small or even medium sized. You should celebrate every single money win that happens.   As humans, we tend to focus on the not so good things much more than we focus on the good things, […]

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ultimate guide of expense deductions for online business

The Ultimate Guide to Expense Deductions in Your Small Online Business

You started your own online business, and now you have to do your own accounting for your business. But do you really know what counts as an expense deduction and what doesn’t count?   Worry no more! I’ve got you covered and now you will know exactly what you can take as a deduction and what you […]

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reasons why you are living paycheck to paycheck

Reasons Why You are Still Living Paycheck to Paycheck

78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which was highlighted even more by the 2019 federal government shutdown, in January. So if you are one the millions of people that is in this situation of living paycheck to paycheck, you aren’t alone.   But I know it’s not a good place to be in. I was in […]

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how to set and achieve your money goals

How to Set and Achieve Your Money Goals

Many people set goals on a regular basis, especially their money goals. I’m sure you read all the posts on how to set SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time limit.   Setting SMART goals is how you should set all of your goals, including your money goals. How to Set SMART Money GoalsMake the […]

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the money lessons my dad taught me

The Money Lessons My Dad Taught Me

The money lessons that we have learned when we are an adult, were taught to us when we were growing up. Most of these lessons are taught to us by our parents – mom and dad. But we also pick them up from TV shows, movies, the media, friends, friends’ parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents […]

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How to Master Your Business Finances (Like a Real Accountant)

You don’t have to be an accountant to master your business finances. You own your own business, so you should easily be able to answer any question about your business finances.   No one expects you to be an accountant, just because you have your own business. But you need to be able to handle and understand […]

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business bookkeeping mistakes to avoid to be successful in your business

Most Common Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid to Have a Successful Business

You’ve started your business and now your bookkeeping is seen as one of the necessary evils that you must do in order to have success as a business owner. But there are several bookkeeping mistakes that you can avoid in your business.   Some see their business bookkeeping as a tedious and boring task. But when you […]

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how to conduct an audit of your business expenses

How to Audit Your Own Business Expenses

Conduct an audit of your business expenses so that you know where you are spending your money in your business every month. #smallbusiness #businessexpenses

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reasons you are undercharging in your business

5 Reasons You Are Undercharging in Your Business [That Have Nothing to Do With Money]

You can never to seem to make enough money in your business. And if you do make enough money in your business, then it means working all waking hours of your life and taking on clients that don’t pay you on time or making offers that you really don’t want to do. These are all […]

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clients paying on time every time

How to Get Your Clients to Pay You on Time Every Time

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “How do I get my clients to pay me on time?” Well, for me, the first thing that comes to mind is that you are doing one of a few things wrong if your clients aren’t paying you on time, every time. And these things […]

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choosing the best version of quickbooks for your small business

What is the Best Version of Quickbooks Online Cloud Accounting for Your Small Business?

When you go to Quickbooks Online, there are multiple different options for you to look through. So let’s talk about which version of Quickbooks is best for your small business because I know it can be difficult to pick which option is going to be the best one for your your small business.  This post may […]

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Lessons About Money that Our Moms Taught Us

Our moms are one of our very first teachers in life. And one aspect that she always teaches us about is money. Some of the money lessons that we are taught by mom are intentional, but most of them aren’t.  Over time as we realize the lessons that we have learned from our parents, we can […]

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money lessons learned from my mom

The Money Lessons that My Mom Taught Me

So many of the money lessons that I’ve learned in my life came from my mom. Not all of them were good either. And that isn’t completely my mom’s fault either. She taught me what she knew in the best way possible, as all moms do. (Mom I know you meant good and I love […]

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writing love letters to money blog header

Writing Love Letters to Your Money

Several years ago, I had a mentor who told me to write love letters to money for 30 days straight. I pulled my phone away from my ear and looked at it like it was some kind of foreign object. Then, my mentor explained the process to me. Each day for 30 days, sit down and […]

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Building New Money Habits Now

Building New Habits with Your Money

Everything you do with your money is a habit.  Have you ever noticed this?  The way you spend money – do you always use your debit card? Your credit card? Cash? Whenever you go out to buy something or shop online?  The stuff you buy – the brand, the quantity, the exact type. Rarely do you ever step […]

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Best Gifts for Graduates

Best Gifts for the New Graduates

The biggest graduation season is almost upon us. Most schools have their graduation ceremonies in May and June. But there can be other times throughout the year that graduations happen too, like December.   And I see posts on Facebook on a regular basis with people asking what to get the new graduates in their family for […]

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