How to Get Past Your Bookkeeping Overwhelm

Does your bookkeeping stress you out? Or does it just overwhelm you? 

You know as a business owner that your business finances need to be taken care of on a regular basis. 

It can be stressful, yes.  

But for most people it’s overwhelming.

It’s a part of the business that most just don’t want to really touch because they don’t know what all of the parts of their bookkeeping really is and they are afraid of doing something wrong. 

And when you do your bookkeeping wrong, you could end up owing more money in taxes and even penalties. 

How can you get past the bookkeeping overwhelm? 

Find a bookkeeping program or spreadsheet that is easy for you

There are tons of programs and spreadsheets out there that have been created and put into use in businesses. 

Not everything works the same for every person. So you need to find the one that works best for your business and you. 

When you have something that is easy for you to use, it makes it much easier to want to sit down and get your bookkeeping done. 

Get some basic education so that you know what needs to be done

You can find free videos on youtube or articles by conducting a google search to help you learn what you need to do with your bookkeeping. 

You can invest with a professional who can walk you through what you need to know and answer your questions. 

There is also my bookkeeping toolkit that can help you as well and teach you the important things you really need to know. 

Hire a bookkeeper to do your bookkeeping for you

You can always hire a bookkeeper who can do the work for you, as well. 

I am personally of the belief though, that everything you outsource in your business, you should still know how to do, as you are the CEO. 

But when you hire someone else to do the bookkeeping for you, you should be able to trust that it is done correctly. If you can’t trust that, then you may have hired the wrong bookkeeper. 

Hire an accountant who reviews your work

You can still do your own bookkeeping, but you can have an accountant who just reviews your work to make sure you did your bookkeeping correctly. 

Hiring an accountant is usually much more expensive than hiring a bookkeeper though. 

Feel the fear and do it anyway

This is one of my personal business mantras. There are so many things in our businesses that can be overwhelming. But you really just gotta do it anyway. 

Those things are a part of business and can actually help make your business more successful by just doing them anyway. 

Your bookkeeping is one of them. 

Plus you are making things worse by not doing your bookkeeping anyway than if you did it, but still messed a few things up.

Does your bookkeeping overwhelm you? 

Do you get overwhelmed when you think about doing your bookkeeping? If so, what do you do to still get it done? 

How do you plan to get over the overwhelm and still have a successful business? 

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