Understand your Bookkeeping and Taxes in Plain English and use your numbers to actually grow your Business

Get Bookkeeping and Taxes for Online Business Owners: The Basics

No more stress and overwhelm and agonizing HOURS trying to understand accountant speak and complicated terms and their meanings

And that means knowing that you are doing the right thing with your business finances and can use your business finances to actually grow your business. Finally no more questioning if you are doing the right thing or not!

Understand your business money

Knowing what you actually need to know about your money

Feel confident with your bookkeeping

Understand what it is your are looking at and how it really works in your business

Know exactly what you need to do

Stop guessing and throwing spaghetti at the wall because you really don't understand your bookkeeping

Conduct regular business analysis

Understand how and what to analyze

Clear out the fog....

How often have you just given up on attempting to do your bookkeeping because you really just don't know where to start? 

Or what you are attempting to do, you just don't understand? 

But you don't quite make enough money just yet to hire someone else to do it for you...

Now you'll have all of the things you need to do with your bookkeeping and your business finances at your fingertips. AND explained in plain English that you can actually understand.

  • No more spinning your wheels. You'll have a roadmap of what to do and when. 
  • Stop stressing about the money stuff. Accountant speak is hard to understand (and that's even coming from an accountant!). 
  • Less overwhelm and more inspiration! Your business bookkeeping can actually help you grow your business, if it's done regularly. 

This course will help you understand the most important accounting, bookkeeping and tax stuff for your business. 

The money stuff matters...

You already know that.

What you get with this course:

  • Module 1: Your Business Money Foundations (value $97) - learn every single financial piece that you need to have set up in your business to have a successful business. Businesses that do not have the financial stuff set up correctly are at a major risk of failure and being shut down. (Yes as a government auditor I have closed businesses because they couldn't run any longer after an audit found many issues with their financial systems.)
  • Module 2: Making Money in Your Business (Revenue) (value $97) - all the things you need to know about your income in your business. Plus how to review and analyze, what you should be looking for to help grow your business more. 
  • Module 3: Spending Money in Your Business (Expenses) (value $97) - all the things you need to know about your expenses in your business. Plus how to review and analyze, how to audit your business finances, what you should be looking for to help grow your business more. 
  • Module 4: Taxes (value $97) - what do you need to do to prepare for tax time, paying taxes, maximizing your business profits. 

Don't forget the bonuses!

  • Bonus #1: Paying Yourself in Your Business (value $97) - one of the biggest questions I get on a regular basis is how to actually pay yourself in your business. I've created a module to help you learn more about paying yourself in your business so that you can stop guessing about this stuff and actually pay yourself a real salary in your business.    
  • Bonus #2: Masterclass on Analyzing Your Business Finances for Growth (value $147) - your business will grow much easier when you know how to analyze your finances and see where the patterns and seasons are in your business. 

Total value: $632

Your cost: $197

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not located in the USA, will this work for me?

The tax portion is related specifically to the USA, because I am located in the USA and do not know taxes in other countries. But the things you need to do for your taxes and your bookkeeping is the same worldwide. 

When will I get access to this course?

Immediately. Once your payment is made, you'll get an email with a login to the membership portal where you can find all of the course information waiting for you. 

How long do I have access to this course?

How does lifetime access sound? You have access to this course forever, including all updates I make to the course. 

What if I'm not sure if I want to hire someone yet or learn this for my own bookkeeping?

You don't have to work with someone else for your bookkeeping, but you can. It's up to you. Either way, this course will teach you everything you need to understand for your own bookkeeping. Even if you do end up hiring someone else, you should know this information for your own business. 

I've tried to learn this stuff before, but it was too confusing when I tried to learn the accounting terms and how to do things like an accountant. Is that what this is like?

Not at all! One of my specialties is being able to make the accounting topics easy to understand by anyone. Every time someone new comes into my world, wishes they found me sooner because I really do make these topics as easy to understand as possible. And if you still need further explanation, just let me know and I'll happily explain it in a different way. 

Do I get 1:1 access to you with this course?

Not exactly. I do have a facebook group that is open to anyone to join and you are welcome to join that group. And you are welcome to email me with further questions that relate to the course. 

My Personal Guarantee

Get the course. Go through everything. Implement the course in your business and your tax prep process. 

Go hog wild and squeeze everything out of this course that you really can. Get every benefit of this material that you can.

Put it all to the test.

And if this doesn't help you with your business finances, then I'll give you a refund. No hassles, no "special instructions", nothing. I'll happily and cheerfully issue you a refund.

My clients and customers know that I operate in 100% integrity and you are getting an amazing deal and will be able to implement this course for years to come in your business. I'm 100% confident that you will go forth with your business finances knowing exactly what to do with ease and confidence.

So click above and buy now. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Hi! My name is Clarissa and I am a former government tax auditor. I spent 6 years auditing businesses just like yours every day. 

I want to make your business finances something that you no longer stress about whether or not you are actually doing things correctly or in fear of being audited. I know money is a major stressor for most people and even more so for business owners.

You aren't sure what counts as a deduction or where to even start with your money stuff. Well, worry no more! I got you covered with this course.

I know you can do this and you can be confident that you do it with ease too.