Really understand the numbers in your business

Analyze your numbers with a click of a button!

There’s so many numbers in your business.

So how do you know which ones you need to pay attention to and which ones you can just let go? 

Spoiler alert: You can just plug numbers into a template and get the results you are looking for. OR maybe not looking for, but a reality check you maybe, might have needed...

What if you could easily know exactly what the numbers in your business mean? 

What if you could just extract certain numbers and figure out the percentage of buyers you have from a certain campaign or message? 

What if it was easy to figure out the percentages of buyers who bought an upsell? 

How would knowing these numbers change your business?

Cost: $150

Maybe you are looking to get a loan to exponentially grow your business. 

Maybe you just want to know what your sales percentage was in the last launch you did. 

Maybe you want to know what the opt-in rate was for your product for a bundle you just participated in. 

Maybe you want to know what your return on investment for a sales course you just bought is. 

Introducing: Business Financial Analytics for the Creative Entrepreneur

With this course, you will walk away with:

  • Feeling comfortable to just plug numbers into a template and see what the analysis looks like
  • Seeing how analyzing your numbers actually helps to your business...and your bank account. 
  • There's so much more to business than just sales. 
  • You'll stop hating numbers so much, especially if you think you aren't a numbers person. 

What you get with this course:

  • Why you need to analyze your business workshop
  • How to do analysis workshop
  • Sales Analytics
    • Tripwire sales
    • course sales
    • email campaign sales
    • bundle sales and opt ins
    • monthly, quarterly, yearly sales analytics
  • Expense Analytics
    • ROI calculator for courses
    • Overhead analytics
  • Payroll analytics
    • paying your own salary
    • paying your contractors and employees
  • Tax Analytics
  • Forecasting

Each topic above comes with it’s own plug and play spreadsheet for you to use to analyze the numbers in your business. 

My name is Clarissa Wilson. I am a forensic accountant and auditor. I've been studying accounting and working in the field of accounting for more than 15 years. 

I took my first accounting class in 10th grade and absolutely fell in love with it. (Yes I'm a nerd and proud to admit that!) I have 3 college degrees in accounting - a Bachelor's degree in accounting, an MBA in forensic accounting and an MSA in forensic accounting.

I have experience with multiple different businesses because I worked multiple different jobs, as well as I've been a government auditor for more than 6 years. I also work with different businesses in my bookkeeping services and what I see through different business groups I'm a part of. 

While 4 out of 5 new businesses that start each year end up failing, I want you to succeed because you know how to do your own business's accounting and analysis.

Get this course today!

Cost: $150