How often are you afraid that you are doing something wrong with your business money? 

How often are you afraid that you are going to miss something important when you are doing your business bookkeeping? 

Or are you someone that just has an overall fear of dealing with your business money? 

I can tell you that you are not alone.

Online business owners come to me every single day to tell me their fears around handling their business money.

What if the IRS comes after me? 

What if I accidentally pay for a personal expense with my business money?

What if I get audited?

Why is accounting and bookkeeping just so confusing?

Is there a way to make it easier for me to understand? (Yes, yes there is!)

Am I going to get audited?

Am I even doing this right?

It's time for you to stop letting your fear get in the way. Don't ignore your money stuff anymore.

What if you could spend just 5 minutes each day doing your business bookkeeping?

What if you could feel confident that you were handling your business records correctly?

What if the thought of being audited didn't stress you out?

What if you could analyze your P&L statement and figure out where your business needs to go and what you need to do with your business?

What happens to your tax return when you have a business? 

Do I really need to have a separate bank account? 

How much money do I save for taxes? 

How do I set up a plan to actually bring cash into my business? 

What about paying myself from my business? How does that work? Can't I just use the same bank account? 

Current Masterclasses Include: 

Class #1: The Business Money Foundations

  • What are the most important money things you need to have in place in your business
  • When should you get these foundations set up

Class #2: Paying Yourself in Your Business

  • Should you pay yourself in your business? 
  • What counts as paying yourself? 
  • How do you pay yourself? 
  • What about paying taxes? 
  • What about paying other people who work for you in your business? 
  • Also: bonus spreadsheet to help you calculate your pay and your taxes

Class #3: Analyzing Your Business Money: Finding Seasons and Patterns and Using Them

  • The most important part of your business finances is to analyze what has been happening in your business. 
  • The past always tells you what has happened and then you can use that information to continue to grow your business going forward. 
  • We’re going to dive into finding these seasons and patterns in your business, as well as flags that can indicate your business is going the wrong way. 

Class #4: Your Record Keeping System

  • What is the best method for doing your business’s bookkeeping? 
  • Do you need a bookkeeping program or will a spreadsheet work?
  • What is the point of doing bookkeeping? 

Class #5: Your Business’s Profit Plan

  • Are you planning to create a profit in your business? 
  • What does your business’s plan to actually make money in your business look like? 
  • Do you know how much money you need to make to bring in a profit and still run your business efficiently? 

Class #6: Your Business’s Cash Flow Plan

  • How is cash actually flowing into your business? 
  • How is cash flowing out of your business? 
  • Cash does not equal profit, but you need to know both. 

Class #7: Planning 2021 for Your Business 

  • Now that you have your business financial foundations in place, let’s make a real plan for 2021 for your business. 
  • Get my individual help on your business with a hot seat.

Class #8: Creating a Tax Strategy for Your Business - Live class 1/12/21

  • Do you have an actual tax strategy in place in your business? 
  • Are you saving money for tax payments before they are due? 
  • How do you actually create this strategy in your business? 

Bonus: The Legal Structures of Business

  • What are the legal structures
  • What is the best legal structure for my business
  • How do I choose which legal structure to use

All live classes are taught via Zoom at 1pm Eastern time. Recordings are sent within 24 hours of the class.

Get the Mastery Series today for $497. 

You get lifetime access to the masterclasses. Can attend each class live. 

There will also be a private Facebook group just for this series.