Business Money Myths You Tell Yourself

We tell ourselves stories all the time when it comes to money. 

But when it comes to receiving money in our businesses, we tell ourselves even more stories. 

Stories like: 

No one can afford my services. 

No one will pay that much for that product or course. 

I wouldn’t buy that, so why would my followers buy that? 

I only need to do my accounting/bookkeeping when its tax time. 

So let’s break down these stories as the myths that they are. What other myths do you have for me? 

Myth: No one can afford my services. 

First of all, you can’t make the decision for someone about whether or not they can afford your services. 

If someone wants to buy from you, they will find their own way to pay for it. 

Second, you should be charging for the transformation that you help your clients make. 

Charging your worth is bullshit. Don’t do this. 

Myth: No one will pay that much for that product or course. 

Just because you won’t pay that much or don’t have that much money, doesn’t mean others are the same as you. 

Look all over the internet, there are people every single day, buying courses and products and services that cost all kinds of different varying prices. 

If you can think it, create it and sell it, people will buy it. Just make sure you show them the value of the transformation that they are going to get with their purchase. 

Myth: I wouldn’t buy that, so why would my followers/potential customers buy that?

So what? Have you ever found something on Amazon or in a store and were like, that exists? 

There isn’t much that people won’t buy. 

Who cares if it’s not something you would buy. There are people out there who will most likely buy your course or product. 

Now if the quality of it sucks and you don’t really teach what you say you will teach, then that’s a different story. But I know the people who are reading this post, over deliver on what you say you will. You produce quality content. 

This goes back to the myth about what you think your client will pay. 

If you won’t pay for it, if you won’t buy it, that doesn’t mean you get to qualify your buyers/potential clients from buying it. 

You never to get make that qualification about whether someone else will buy it or be able to pay you. The people who want it, will find a way. 

Myth: I only need to do my accounting/bookkeeping when it’s tax time. 

You couldn’t be more wrong! 

Your accounting and bookkeeping should be done monthly at the least. But honestly it should be done weekly, if not daily. 

You need to know where your money is going and pay attention to the trends and patterns in your business. 

I don’t care if you hate this stuff and really think it’s the hardest thing on the planet. Get it done regularly. If you don’t do it yourself, hire someone to help you get it done. 

By getting your numbers done regularly, you’ll know if your business is making money or losing money. You’ll know how much you owe in taxes before tax time even comes around. 

Plus when you wait until tax time to even start to do this, you’ll be stressed beyond belief about all the stuff that needs to be done, you’ll forget your receipts, you’ll probably forget some of your purchases - meaning you lose some of your deductions, and you’ll end up paying someone more to help you at tax time than you would if you just did it throughout the year. 

Myth: I can’t raise my prices for existing clients. 

You can always raise your prices. Just because you have existing clients, don’t let it stop you. 

You get to choose if you raise your prices for your existing clients or not. 

If you existing clients don’t want to pay your higher prices, then they are opening up room for new clients to come into your business. Or you can just let your current clients keep paying the old prices at the grandfathered rate. It’s your business, it’s your choice. 

But for all of the clients I have worked with for raising their prices, all of their existing clients have embraced them for raising their prices. 

Myth: I’m an artist/blogger/makeup artist/whatever else you can think of, I don’t deserve/worth making a lot of money. 

First of all, everyone is worthy of and deserving of making money. It doesn’t matter what your profession is. 

There are people out there that believe that artists of all sorts don’t deserve to make money. Their work shouldn’t be expensive. 

But does likes and comments pay the bills? How else are you going to pay the bills if you don’t actually charge for your work and the stuff you create? 

It doesn’t matter what your profession is, or what you sell, you are always worthy of being paid for your work. 

These are all your own personal beliefs. 

Change this type of thinking right now. 

This type of thinking won’t help you in your business one little bit. Hell, it will most likely make your business fail. 

I want you to have a successful business. Start changing these beliefs and watch how your business changes. 

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