Case Study: You Aren’t Always Ready to Work on Your Money Story

About a year ago, I had a prospective client (we’ll call her Amanda) come to me and wanted to work with me. I didn’t have any programs at the time because I was completely rewriting my business model since I had finally received a dose of clarity that gave me the vision for my business. 
Well, she wanted to work with me and fit into my ideal client profile. Yep, I did the ideal client work and had planned out who she was for me. This prospective client fit into my profile, so I created a program just for her so she could work with me. 
I am both an online business bookkeeper and a money relationship coach. And she wanted me to help her with both aspects in her life and business. 
She signed up for my program, paid me and then promptly disappeared for a month and a half. I couldn’t work on her business finances while I waited for her because I had no information to get started. 
So I waited, sending an occasional email here and there to try to get her attention to work with me. 
And finally a month and a half later, she contacted me back. 
The main reason for her disappearance: even though she thought she was ready to work on her money story, she wasn’t. 
But the first step to any situation and getting the help you need, is admitting you need help. 
Are you ready for
She did do the first step, but that was too much for her at the time and that’s why she disappeared and ignored me for a month and a half. 
Then when she reappeared again, we had a few weekly calls together (her program consisted of weekly calls, that expired after 30 days). 
But I gave her an assignment to do that she really didn’t want to do in her subconscious. When we talked about it, she had no problem doing the assignment. But her subconscious wasn’t ready for this assignment. 
The assignment: come up with a list of all of your debt. Just a simple list, no other tasks associated with it. Plus, she had also mentioned in our call the week before that she was ready to tackle her debt. (Yes, I know from my own experience, this is not easy to do. But it is a big step to changing your money story.)
BUT when you aren’t ready to really work on your money story and learn the real numbers of your situation, you run. You disappear and that is exactly what happened here. 
We had a call scheduled because we were scheduling calls at the end of each session, so she could be held accountable and show up. 
After she was given this assignment, she canceled the next call. And disappeared for a few more weeks. 
Meanwhile, I was also doing her monthly bookkeeping for her business. She rarely ever looked at the statements I sent her on a monthly basis. And this was also because she wasn’t ready to face her habits around money. 
Not only did she have debt that she was afraid to admit to herself how much it really was, she also had spending issues. She would spend money just because she had it. 
Money is a big part of our lives every single day. And a good relationship with your money can really change how you see the world around you. 
Amanda still kept disappearing on me. She would let her weekly calls with me expire month after month. She would ignore my emails asking questions and trying to help. She would ask me for my calendar link so she could book a call, but then never book one with me. 
There is nothing wrong with her. She just wasn’t ready for a step she thought she was ready for. And that is just where she was in her life at the time. 
Will she be able to change her money story? Yes, if she is willing to stop and look at her current habits with money and then slow down and make a plan to rewrite her money story. 
I see people like Amanda every day, both online and offline. They say they want to change, invest in methods to help them change, but yet don’t do the work to make the change happen. 
Heck, I was even like this. But I got to a point where I couldn’t keep going on the way I was. It just got too hard to keep shuffling money and debt every month and ignoring all the phone calls I was getting. I finally sat down, made a list, made a plan and started making things easier for myself.
And YOU can too!
What is there to learn here? 
Admitting to yourself that you are ready to change your money story is one thing. But getting the rest of your mind and subconscious and soul on board is another thing. You can buy all the programs and hire all the coaches you want to help you with your money issues. 
The only way anything is going to change for you, is if you are really ready to do the work.
Step up every day, take baby steps toward achieving your goals. 
You can’t run before you even know how to crawl. 
Working with your money story and building your relationship with money is not easy by any means. Just look at Amanda’s story above. Or even my story. 
But it’s very similar along the lines to quitting alcohol or quitting smoking. Ignoring your money is an addiction. 
An addiction you have to quit. But you can’t quit unless you really are ready to put in the work to quit. 
Are you ready to quit your addiction and build a relationship with your money?
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