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clients paying on time every time

How to Get Your Clients to Pay You on Time Every Time

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “How do I get my clients to pay me on time?” Well, for me, the first thing that comes to mind is that you are doing one of a few things wrong if your clients aren’t paying you on time, every time. And these things […]

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choosing the best version of quickbooks for your small business

What is the Best Version of Quickbooks Online Cloud Accounting for Your Small Business?

When you go to Quickbooks Online, there are multiple different options for you to look through. So let’s talk about which version of Quickbooks is best for your small business because I know it can be difficult to pick which option is going to be the best one for your your small business. Why do you […]

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Keeping Track of Your Business Bookkeeping is Not Scary

I’ve met my fair share of business owners who find doing their business bookkeeping is scary. They are afraid of doing something wrong and being audited and having to pay fines and fees.  As an accountant and auditor, I know how scary the word audit really sounds. My clients that I am auditing tell me […]

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How Your Money Relationship Affects Your Business Finances

Yes, there is a correlation between your money relationship and how you handle your business finances.  Honestly, your money relationship affects every area of your life that has to do with money. But it’s even more prevalent when you own your own business and have to deal with money in more ways than just working […]

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Best Online Programs for Doing Your Business Bookkeeping

You’ve set up your business, but now you just spend the money that comes in on what you think you need in your business, plus attempting to still cover all of your personal expenses too, right?  You aren’t alone. I see this all the time from new (and even not so new) business owners.  Accounting […]

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Methods for Accepting Your Clients’ Payments Part II

Last week, we covered a few methods to accept payments. If you missed that article, go read that one first.  There are lots of ways you can accept client payments. And it usually means you have to do your own research on the subject first. My post from last week, covers the two most widely […]

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Methods for Accepting Your Clients’ Payments Part I

You own your own business and need to find a way to accept payments from them in order to get paid, right? So what are the best and worst gateways to accept payments in your business? On a regular basis, I see people posting in Facebook groups about what payment gateways are the best and […]

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