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Writing Love Letters to Your Money

Several years ago, I had a mentor who told me to write love letters to money for 30 days straight. I pulled my phone away from my ear and looked at it like it was some kind of foreign object. Then, my mentor explained the process to me. Each day for 30 days, sit down and […]

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Building New Money Habits Now

Building New Habits with Your Money

Everything you do with your money is a habit.  Have you ever noticed this?  The way you spend money – do you always use your debit card? Your credit card? Cash? Whenever you go out to buy something or shop online?  The stuff you buy – the brand, the quantity, the exact type. Rarely do you ever step […]

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How to Transform Your Money Relationship at any age

How to Transform Your Money Relationship at any Age

Everyone has a money relationship, whether you want to admit it or not. And just like anything else in your life, your age doesn’t matter, you can always make changes.  Your relationship with money can be explained in simple terms as: the way in which you look at, act with, handle, spend and make money; […]

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No Longer Keeping Up with the Joneses

I’m No Longer Keeping Up with the Joneses

First of all, the Joneses are broke, and so are many Americans. According to a recent poll, 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That is a LOT of people who live paycheck to paycheck and actually count on that job security. Otherwise they can’t pay their rent, put gas in their cars or put […]

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Make Money Saving a Game

Make Money Saving Into a Game

I know that saving money isn’t always an easy task for everyone. I’ll admit that it didn’t used to be easy for me. Plus there are times when you just can’t set up those automatic transfers to your savings accounts like so many of the money gurus out there say to do.   Well, you can set […]

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money story

The Ultimate Guide to Your Money Story: How to Find it, Understand it, and Rewrite it

Everyone has a money story. Everyone has the ability to rewrite this money story at any time. Your money story determines how you act with, spend, handle and save your money.   At any given time, this money story determines everything you do with money. You are also forming new parts of your money story with every […]

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Saving 1250 in a year

Saving an Extra $1250 in a Year

As each new year comes around, one of the biggest resolutions that is made is to save more money this year.  So this year, let’s make saving money into a fun game.   You also don’t have to start this savings game at the beginning of a new year. It’s a good thing to start saving whenever […]

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