“Charge Your Worth” is Bullshit

People who call themselves experts and gurus are always saying to “charge your worth.” 

Well, I say “charge your worth” is bullshit. 

What does that actually mean anyway?!

What you charge in your business has absolutely NOTHING to do with your worth as a person. 

What makes up your worth? 


Plain and simple, you make up your worth. 

Not your business. Not your education. Not who you are or who you were. Not the people you hang out. Not the people who do buy from you. Not the people you hire. 

Just you. The person you are right here, right now. 

You always have been worthy and always will be. 

Nothing you do or don’t do, will ever make you more or less worthy. 

Your worth is NEVER determined by anything outside of you. 

And it sure as hell has nothing to do with what you should be charging in your business. 

So the question then becomes, what do you charge in your business if you aren’t “charging your worth”?

The short answer: You charge for the value you are providing to your buyer. 

What does your buyer get when they buy from you? And what is the value of what they are getting? 

How the Gurus Tell You to Charge Your Worth

The gurus will tell you that you need to total up the amount of money you have spent to learn what you know, plus put a dollar figure on your life experience. 

But this has nothing to do with your product, course or service that you are selling. 

Yes, you have spent money on your education and life experience. But that doesn’t translate to what you are teaching in your business. 

Nor your worth as a person or business owner. 

How do you figure out what to charge? 

Let me preface this with: it can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. 

So many business owners make it complicated by adding in their money mindset issues. (Note: We will not be talking about money mindset in this post, that’s a whole different issue and we’d be here all the way into next week if I did that.)

If you don’t really want to make money in your business, then by all means let your money mindset issues continue to rule how you price something and sell it. 

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Pricing is not a one size fits all thing

What Alicia charges for her course or services has nothing to do with what you should be charging. 

You can use Alicia’s pricing as an idea for yours, but you should be charging based on the value that you are providing to your buyer. And unless you are inside Alicia’s business and head, you don’t know why she charges what she does. 

Yes there are going to be a lot of people that charge the same or similar prices because that is the norm for online businesses. 

Everyone focuses on similar prices that usually end in a 7 or a 9, like $27, $47, $97, $197, etc. 

There is nothing wrong with you charging these prices too. 

But make sure you are charging for the value you are giving to your buyer. 

How do you determine the value you are giving? 

Well, what is your buyer getting from you in return for the money they are paying? 

Are they getting something that you created once and just sell over and over? 

Are they getting something that is specific to them and you won’t sell to anyone else? 

Are they getting specific time with you, whether through a call, messenger, etc? 

Are they getting a course that you are teaching live to them and a bunch of other people?

These are the factors that you take into consideration when you are pricing something. 

“Charge Your Worth” is Bullshit

Let me say it again, the phrase “charge your worth” is bullshit. 

Your inherent worth or lack thereof, has NOTHING to do with what you should be charging in your business. 

You are worthy just as you are. No amount of education or coaching or anything will make you any more or less worthy. 

Stop using this as a way to charge something or NOT CHARGE in your business. 

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