What do you need to do to not make your business seem cheap for Black Friday or holiday sales?

Black Friday and the holiday sales are typically a time that courses and products are marked down significantly for a short period of time. 

But just like we were talking about offering a coupon or discount code on an existing course or product, how do you do the Black Friday and holiday sales and not seem cheap or even piss your customers off? 

If you offer something to your customers that past customers paid more for, you are most likely going to piss off some customers. You’ll probably have some knocking at your door (or emailing you), asking you for the difference to be refunded to them. 

It’s just human nature. 

Everyone always wants the best deal. 

So how do you not piss off your current customers? 

You could make sure that your current customers do not get the email. 

If you have tagging set up correctly in your email system, you can tag your peeps that bought from you and then set up your promo emails so that they don’t get the email about the discount. 

But what about if you are offering more than one product for sale? You really don’t want to exclude your peeps who haven’t bought the other products right? 

You could raise the price of your course or product and then “mark” it down to the original price. 

Since you are marking it down to the original price, the new people buying it aren’t paying less than the people who already bought it. They are paying the same price, but since the price of the course is now different, they think they are getting a deal. 

Have you ever noticed how the prices of electronics tend to rise starting in mid-September after the back-to-school sales? 

Then come Black Friday, the prices drop. 

Yep, the stores do it too. 

You could offer your course as a DIY course. 

If the first time you offered your course, you taught it live and the students got Q&A time and other teaching time with you live, you could repackage the course as a DIY course and sell that. 

This way, the value of the course has now been brought down to what you are discounting the course to. 

You could just create a new product/course and offer that. 

The best and easiest way to not piss off any customers is to just create something new and offer it for your sale. 

This way, you have no previous buyers of the course and no one to piss off because you have significantly lowered the price. 

Plus with a new course, you could wait to start it until the new year when the holiday season is over, but you’ll reap the rewards of selling the course now. 

What about making a Black Friday or holiday that doesn’t make your business seem cheap? 

This really depends on what you make your offer for the sale be. 

Are you offering something that is worth a lot of money and therefore marking it way down, like by half, just to have a sale? 

You don’t have to offer a sale for the holiday season if you really don’t want to. 

Not all businesses will benefit from offering a holiday sale. 

Just because you see your competitors doing it, doesn’t mean you need to do it too. 

Yes, maybe your business can use the cash infusion from the additional sales. But do you need to make an offer that makes your business seem cheap? 

Do you want to be known as the business owner who is always offering a sale just to make money in your business? 

There are business owners out there, who never sell a course or product at full price. They have followers that know they always offer sales, so those followers will only buy when they are offered a sale. 

Do you want to be known as that kind of business? 

The way I see it: 

In order to not make your business or brand seem cheap and to not piss off your customers, the easiest thing to do is to just create something new to launch for the holiday sales. 

Sell something that no one has bought before. 

Or make a DIY package of a course you have taught live in the past. 

Those 2 options will both help make you money in your business, they will help you get more customers and you won’t really piss anyone off because these are options you haven’t sold before. 

Have you started planning your Black Friday and holiday sales yet?

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