Some Common Money Blocks

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I’ve been asked quite a few times recently, “What is a money block? What does it do? Is it a part of our creative imagination?”To tell you the truth, it is not a part of our creative imagination. Money blocks are very real.They can also be known as limiting beliefs.

And what they do is hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals.

These blocks have been developed over your lifetime and most of the time, we don’t even know we have these blocks until someone else points them out for us. Or we are really struggling with something and we start digging to find what is stopping us from success. Or we read a post on Facebook from a friend or colleague about a block they have uncovered.

 And that is exactly what I am here to do! I can see below the surface of what you are saying and help you uncover some of these blocks so that you can move forward.


There is a whole slew of reasons why you may have a block, but it usually starts with your parents.

Then they just keep developing and you take on the beliefs that some of your friends have.

You take on the beliefs that other loved ones have.

It’s not something you are doing on purpose though.

But once you know what you are doing, you can take control and change your beliefs.

And you can change how you take on the beliefs of others too.

So let’s first reveal four of the most common money blocks and limiting beliefs that are out there and that I have come up against in my years working with this area of my own life.

1. I have to work hard to make money. Making money doesn’t have to be hard. You can do what you love and enjoy and when you love what you do, it’s never work that you are doing. Plus money has other ways of coming to us.

2. Making money isn’t fun. This is a continuation of the first one. Because we rely on money so much, we get programmed that we have to work in a job, whether we like that job or not, in order to be able to make money to pay the bills and put food on the table. So we end up miserable because we are working a job that just isn’t what we love to do.

3. I’m broke. I can’t afford that. How many times have you said this? How many times have you heard this? I hear this block from those around me at least once a day. I also heard it all the time from my mom when I was growing up. And this is a parent’s way of usually telling their child no, whether they can or can’t afford the tool or snack the child is crying for in the store.

4. I need to have debt to be able to live the life of my dreams. College education, buying a house, buying a car – normally we have to get a loan to get any of these. And we are taught this is normal for us – get more and more debt. This is okay. And this debt will help you live the life of your dreams – you’ll have the best car, best house and a better job. But tell me honestly, how long did it take you to get a job that you actually liked to work after college graduation.

How many of these blocks do you resonate with? Don’t worry if you do resonate with them. There is nothing wrong with you. And they can be easily fixed and changed.

These are the 4 most common money blocks I have come across over the past few years. I’ve learned all of these blocks (and many more!) while growing up.

But you can do the work and get rid of these blocks once and for all. Awareness is the first step to overcoming a block.

Share with me below some of your biggest money blocks and where you are stuck with this block.

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Clarissa 035Clarissa is a money mindset coach and online business bookkeeper. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t love what she does to help amazing women (and men!) just like you every single day. Clarissa has been through one heck of journey already in this lifetime and learned many life lessons, but also developed a very well stocked toolbox to help people tackle their money woes head on.

She has 3 college degrees and is an accountant as well. She has two furbabies – Sparky and Chubbs, who really act like children and keep her on her toes every single day. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch.

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About the Author Clarissa

Clarissa Wilson is a financial strategist and online educator who holds two master’s degrees in Forensic Accounting. Also creative and spiritual, she is an intuitive empath and introvert. Clarissa is the host of The Prosper + Profit Podcast, where money conversations occur on a daily basis -- as she believes that money shouldn’t be a taboo subject. After growing up on a dairy farmand learning to work hard for money, Clarissa awakened to a path that allowed wealth to flow easily to her. Clarissa currently lives in Pennsylvania with her two cats.