This toolkit helps you know all the things you need to know in your business to know you are doing your business bookkeeping correctly. You may be at a place where you aren't yet ready to hire someone to help you, but you know you need to do your bookkeeping, or you'll end up paying much more than just hiring a professional. 

In this toolkit, you'll be able to fully understand your business finances and know you are doing things correctly.

All businesses should have a profit plan in place. This profit plan is going to help you plan out when you need to sell certain things in your business. 

It will also help you know when you have cash heavy months, so that you can plan ahead in your business instead of scrambling at the last minute to make sure you have enough money to pay the bills. 

Use this profit plan workshop to change the way you look at your business and start growing your business and making more money!

Stop worrying about whether or not you are ready to file your taxes and if you are doing things correctly in  your business or not. 

In this course, you'll learn all the strategies and tactics to make sure your business finances are ready for tax time and you are doing things the right way. 

This is a live masterclass series to help you master the most important aspects of your business finances and get everything set up properly so that you can have financial success in your business. 

In this quickstart guide, we dive deep into the psychology of pricing and how it affects your business. 

Use this masterclass to help you price things that helps your buyer actually buy from you.

Did you know that your money mindset really does affect your pricing? If you don't look at your money mindset and see how they relate, you'll most likely always be making less money in your business than you could had you had full control over your money mindset. 

Stop letting your money mindset hold your business back.

Being confident with your prices has always been hard for those that come to me. Use this workshop to start feeling more confident with your prices today.

Are you building a business? Do you have a budget in place for your business? 

When you have a budget in place, you are able to really plan your income goals in your business properly so that you do cover all of your monthly bills, pay yourself, your employees and your taxes. 

In this workshop, you get a budget spreadsheet and a video walkthrough of filling in your budget and keeping up with it every month.