Is your ego affecting your prices and your profits?

We both know you have an amazing program to offer to your clients. 

But then when no one is buying, you start to think you did something wrong. 

Is my price wrong? 

Is my message wrong? 

Am I even targeting the right people? 

Am I charging too much? Or not high enough? 

Maybe my potential clients don’t even want this product? 

I should poll them and ask them what they want. (First of all, please don’t do this, people don’t know what they want most of the time. We can’t even decide what we want to eat for dinner 6 days of the week.)

Some people are impulsive buyers. 

Some people need you to court them for weeks and months before they will even think about buying from you. 

Some people will go through your entire freebie and then buy. 

Some people will follow you on Facebook or Instagram for a week or 2 and then buy. 

There is no real rhyme or reason. 

And there is nothing you can control. 

But your ego will try to rule the whole thing. 

You posted your offer is available for sale about 3 hours ago. And yet still no one has bought yet.


Your ego says, “No one’s going to buy it anyway. Just move on.” 

Your ego really wants to keep you safe and stuck. If you don’t keep moving forward, pushing through when something feels uncomfortable, then your ego is doing its job correctly. 

Part of being a business owner is to push past that ego and get out of your comfort zone. Otherwise you will stay right where you are in your business. 

Your ego will tell your prices are too high or too low. 

Since no one has bought your offer in 0.2 seconds since the last time you posted about it, your ego is also going to tell you that your prices are too high or too low. 

In some instances, this may be true. 

But your ego is doing this because it’s a little devil. That little devil that just sits on your shoulder whispering things to keep you comfortable right where you are. 

So maybe you already priced your product low because you just weren’t comfortable charging more. 

It just wasn’t comfortable to charge $17, so you are only charging $7 for it. Dude, you need to raise that price right now. No, seriously, pause your reading of this email, and go raise your price to $17. 

I don’t care how uncomfortable it is for you to make that change and add $10 to your price. 

Start getting out of your comfort zone by charging slightly higher prices. (We’ll work on your other prices at another time.)

Stop letting your ego win.

You are going to hear no and even hear crickets a lot in your business. 

It’s just part of being a business owner. 

Even Wal-mart and Amazon don’t sell everything that is on their shelves.

Just because someone isn’t buying from you immediately doesn’t mean anything. 

Just because people aren’t liking and commenting on your posts doesn’t mean anything. They are still reading them. Do you know how many sales I’ve made from posts that had no likes or comments? Lots. 

Just keep being you and sharing your goodness with the world. You absolutely love what you do in your business or you wouldn’t be in business doing what you do. 

When you stop sharing your stuff, you lower your prices or you don’t charge enough for your stuff, you are letting your ego win the game. 

You ego knows that when you do that, it is doing it’s job of keeping you safe. And it wins! It’s time to stop that bastard in its tracks now. 

Just get used to hearing no. 

I know this isn’t an easy answer to hear. But you have to get used to hearing no. 

Need some help with that? Go check out the book Rejection Proof. 

Play a game with yourself to get 100 no’s in a row. Talk to people and challenge yourself to get 100 no’s in a row. 

It will make hearing no that much easier going forward. 

Is your ego affecting your prices and your profits? 

So is it? 

Are you letting your ego win the game? Or are you getting out there and just being you and not letting anyone or anything affect you and your passion that you have for your business? 

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