Are the Free Bookkeeping Programs Actually Hurting Your Business Finances

There are a number of free bookkeeping programs out there that you can use for you business. 

I understand why you use them - to save money. 

But honestly, the bookkeeping for your business is one area that you really can’t afford to skrimp on. 

If it’s not done correctly, it could be quite costly for you. 

So are the free bookkeeping programs actually hurting your business? 

They could be, but maybe they aren’t. Let’s discuss it. 


Yes the programs are free, but is there a real cost to your business? 

How often has something you got for free actually panned out for you? 

The same holds true for the free bookkeeping programs. They may be free, but they also don’t always do everything you need done for your business bookkeeping. 

The good one programs cost money because they help you do what you need to do for your business finances correctly from the beginning. 

Program Glitches and Bugs

A lot of these programs end up having glitches and bugs while you are using them. They are free, so not as much money is invested in keeping up with and repairing the programs to make sure they are working in tip top shape. 

The information that they are storing in these programs is your financial information, you don’t want bugs and glitches when it comes to that stuff. 

What do you need in a bookkeeping program? 

You need to be able to get all of your financial information in there so that you can easily sort your expenses into categories and even your revenue if you want to. 

You need something that is secure and encrypted. 

Do the free programs have encryption? Some might, some might not. Look into it. 

You also need to be able to reconcile your bank account(s). Reconciliations mean that everything that went through your bank account shows up on your bookkeeping reports. 

Remember the good ole days of managing a checkbook? (No one really does this anymore.)

Reconciliations are kinda like that, but now it’s for your business. 

Are the free programs hurting your business? Or is more the fact that you don’t like to do your bookkeeping? 

I know a lot of people don’t like to do their bookkeeping, I get told this everyday. 

“Just thinking about it gives me hives.”

“I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about what needs to be done.” 

I hate to tell you, but you own a business now. Your bookkeeping must get done. Rain or shine. If you really don’t want to do it, then hire it out. 

And please find a program where you pay for it and get everything done correctly. 

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