Are you judging other’s prices?

How often do you see what someone else is offering and think their price is too high or too low? They need to charge more.

Or they aren’t going to get buyers because their price is too high? 

Or you wouldn’t buy it at that price point. 

Honestly, none of that ever matters. 

What someone else is charging is what they are charging. 

When you look at their price and say it’s too high or too low, that’s your stuff coming up, not theirs. 

If you won’t buy at that price point, then just walk away. They don’t need your opinion. Let them run their business their way. 

You never know what someone else is going through or what it took to get to the price they are charging. And to be honest, it’s none of your business anyway.

When you judge anyone for anything, it’s always more your stuff coming up than anything else. 

Do you think their price should be higher because your prices should be higher? 

Are you jealous of what they are selling? You had a similar idea to that, but you just haven’t gotten around to creating the offer yet. 

Or maybe their course is something you want to purchase, but the price is out of your price range. The message really speaks to you and it’s something you want. But since you can’t purchase it right now, you are judging the seller for the price. 

The judgment is all you

You can stop placing judgment on anyone else and their price or their offer or even their business. 

They are doing what is working for them. 

But when you judge someone else, you are just placing your feelings and thoughts onto someone else. 

No one else needs that energy, and you don’t need it either. 

How do you feel when someone places judgment on you? 

It feels the same for the person you are judging too. 

Can you go for 72 hours without judging anyone for anything? 

Well, can you? 

I don’t mean just their pricing either. I mean anything. 

Don’t judge them for their looks, for their clothing choices, for the number of kids they have, for the car they drive, for the house they live in, for what they choose to do in their business. Literally anything you would judge someone for, can you go for 72 hours (3 days) without any judgment towards anyone? 

Everyone is fighting their own battle inside their head. And unless you know absolutely everything about that person, you have no idea what they are going through. 

Your own battles may be why you judge others. 

But your judgments are just what you need to work on within yourself. They are a light to tell you what you need to work on for you. 

Judging doesn’t get you very far anyway

When you judge someone, you are really just voicing your own opinions. 

Opinions aren’t always very welcomed. 

So maybe you should learn to keep them to yourself. 

When it comes to someone’s offers and prices, they are for their business. They are doing things their way. 

You can keep judging, but it says a lot more about you than it does the person you are judging. 

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