Your Money Mindset Affects Your Entire Business

Whether you think there is or there isn't, there is a correlation between your money mindset and your business and your business finances. 

Honestly, your money relationship affects every area of your life that has to do with money. But it's even more prevalent when you own your own business and have to deal with money in more ways than just working for someone else and paying bills. 

When you have a poor (or nonexistent) money relationship, you really don't keep track of your business finances at all. You MAY keep track of the money you bring in, but that's all you track. You spend your money almost as fast as it comes in. 

I've worked with multiple clients who only pay attention to the balance in their bank to make their business decisions.

This is a surefire way to:

A. Burnout

B. Ensure you are always broke in your business (and maybe life too)

C. Not like your business anymore

No one likes to not have money.

And at the same time, who actually enjoys being in hustle mode, always having to launch and create a new product in your business, just to keep the business afloat?

I know I surely don't. Do you? 

But when you have a good money relationship, you use either a bookkeeping program or a bookkeeper to keep track of your business finances for you every single month, and sometimes even more often than that. 

So how does this relationship affect your business finances? 

In every way possible is the short answer. 

The long answer is that affects how you put yourself and your business out there so that you can make money.

It affects what you sign up for in your business, both paid and free and spend your money.

It affects how you pay yourself from your business.

It affects how you hustle to make money during the month or even at the end of the month.

It affects how often you track the money you make.

It affects whether you file your taxes early or right on the deadline.

It affects your confidence level.

It affects your ability to deal with your clients or even prospective clients.

It affects what you actually create in your business.

It affects how you sell in your business.  

At the end of the month, do you act desperate to get clients?

Do you create offers that don't actually fit you because you have to be able to pay your personal bills? 

Or do you consistently bring in money all month long?

Do you make enough money every single month to pay all of your business bills AND your personal bills?

Or do you have to dip into your savings, or worse use credit cards to be able to just pay the bills? 

All of your answers to these questions can be explained in your money relationship

So how can you start to change this? 

The first thing is to make a commitment to change your money relationship. Then you can check out this post right here on 5 ways you can start to build your money relationship right now.

And the next thing you can do, is to see how much you are in alignment with all of the services and/or products you offer in your business. Being in alignment with your offerings will affect everything just as much as your money relationship. 

Your money relationship is a daily thing.

You can't work on it once a month and expect your financial situation to change. And the more you work on it, the easier it will be to start bringing money in consistently in your business. 

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