Myths About Having Premium Offers

I see and hear people say all the time that they can’t charge higher prices or have high priced offers. 

They just name excuse after excuse of why they can’t offer premium offers, when in reality, the only thing that is stopping you, is that little voice in your mind saying that you can’t do it. 

You have the knowledge and the ability to offer premium offers in your business right now. 

So let’s look at some of these excuses: 

I have to have all of the certifications, licenses, etc. before I can charge premium prices. 

Since when? 

There are all kinds of people and businesses out there that are charging premium prices. 

Hell, even Tiffany’s sells a SINGLE paperclip for $1500. 

When you believe in yourself and what you offer, you’ll have much more luck in your offer. 

The certifications and licenses and everything else will add to your credentials, but when was the last time you actually asked someone you were going to hire what their credentials were? 

You need to know everything there is to know about your topic. 

First of all, there are very few people in the world that know everything about a topic. 

Even Sheldon Cooper didn’t know everything there was to know about physics. 

Besides the fact that you just have to know more than the people who are looking to hire you. 

If you have the ability to help someone with their problem, then you have the knowledge. 

If you can tell me a list of people who know everything about their given topic, then let’s compare notes. 

Only the elites can charge premium prices and offer premium offers. 

This is one of those things that you just think because your mind monkeys are getting in the way. 

In no way do you have to be someone special to create and offer those premium offers. 

If you have the skills and abilities to help someone with what you know, you can create those premium offers and offer them in your business. 

Just think how you really won’t have to serve that many clients and you’ll have more time to serve the clients you do have when you have the premium offers. 

Are you going to create premium offers for your business? 

A lot of the people that I talk to want to offer premium offers, but are just afraid of creating and offering them because of qualifications and proof and not being elite and all that stuff. 

None of that matters. 

What matters most is how you can help your clients with your offer. 

You just need to know and believe that premium offers are something that you can do and just create and start offering them. 

Now if premium offers aren’t something that you ever want to do, then don’t do them. 

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