Making Taxes Easy for Bloggers

The Practically Simple Guide to Taxes (and Finances) for Online Businesses

So you've just spent months (or maybe even years!) learning how to work with WordPress.

Then you spent another month writing the pages of your website. 

And now you want to start selling something on your website, but just the thought of having to do the accounting and bookkeeping for your business has you all ready to just shut the whole thing down?

WordPress, writing copy, creating content, writing your book almost broke you, but they didn't. 

But the accounting and bookkeeping for a business just may break you. It may be the reason that you give up your business altogether.

Is it really worth the struggle and hassle? 

Its just so confusing. You didn't study accounting in school because math just isn't your thing. 

Spoiler alert: Accounting isn't really about math!

Debits and credits - what do they really have to do with making and spending money in my business?

Accrual accounting or cash basis accounting? You might as well move to Mars, it'll be easier to understand the Martians than accounting. 

Revenue vs income? Do I really need to know the difference? 

It may be easier to find unicorns that fart rainbows than you having a chance to understand accounting and bookkeeping. There's so much that you need to know and using accounting jargon is for the birds. 

You don't even know if what you ARE doing is correct. You just started a business to make some extra money to pay some bills. But now you basically have to go out and get a whole new college degree just to learn how to properly run the backend of your business. 

Maybe it's better if you just shut the whole thing down and not make any money from your business. You have a job, that you hate, that literally sucks your soul from you every day you show up to work. 

Or you could learn the basics that you need to know to run your business explained to you in plain English that is easy to understand. 

Accounting and bookkeeping can be easy when the right person explains it to you.

This is where The Practically Simple Guide to Business Finances (and Taxes) for Your Online Business just falls into your lap. 

Cost: $49  $19

This guide was written to help the online business owner be able to understand the basics of accounting for their business in plain English. 

This guide breaks down what you need to know with your business finances when you start your business. It explains what you need to do with your revenue and your expenses. It even talks about paying yourself and your contractors. And of course, it talks about taxes and paying them.


Plus this guide also gives you some examples of how some businesses may have different tax treatment. 

I want more online business owners to be able to succeed in their business. Accounting and bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard or cause a mental breakdown. And you don't have to go out and get another college degree just to understand what you have to do with accounting in your online business. 

My name is Clarissa Wilson. I am a forensic accountant and auditor. I've been studying accounting and working in the field of accounting for more than 15 years. 

I took my first accounting class in 10th grade and absolutely fell in love with it. (Yes I'm a nerd and proud to admit that!) I have 3 college degrees in accounting - a Bachelor's degree in accounting, an MBA in forensic accounting and an MSA in forensic accounting.

I have experience with multiple different businesses because I worked multiple different jobs, as well as I've been a government auditor for more than 5 years. I also work with different businesses in my bookkeeping services and what I see through different business groups I'm a part of. 

While 4 out of 5 new businesses that start each year end up failing, I want you to succeed because you know how to do your own business's accounting.

When you buy The Practically Simple Guide to Business Finances (and Taxes) for Your Online Business, you get 10 chapters (70+ pages) of the most important stuff that you need to know to easily handle your business finances. 

When you buy The Practically Simple Guide to Business Finances (and Taxes) for Your Online Business, you will lose all excuses that accounting is hard to understand.

All of the topics are explained in plain English in an easy to understand way so that you can do your own accounting for your business.

When I was in college, I tutored the basic accounting principles courses to other students. Every time I taught a student a concept, they asked me to come to their class to teach because I taught it way better than their professor. And my hope is that this same thing will apply to you. 

Get your copy of The Practically Simple Guide to Business Finances (and Taxes) for Your Online Business now.

Cost: $49  $19

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