Did you know that pricing products and services is more of a psychological endeavor, than just thinking of a number to charge?

But this psychology doesn't have to be hard or long and drawn out. Let's discover your own personal beliefs about pricing in this 5 day challenge. 

In this FREE challenge, you are going to discover that the price of a product or service includes factors like the value and transformation that it provides, but also you will learn that you can't just pull a number out of the air to price your products and services in your business. 

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During this 5 day challenge, you will:

  • discover what you really believe about the price of products you buy for yourself and your business
  • look into what you really see in the products and services that you receive
  • discover where your own real value is when it comes to what you offer in your business
  • see how you can apply your beliefs about pricing to your own business in a way that allows you to still have profits at the end of each month

Hi! I'm Clarissa Wilson.

And I am very analytical and observant. I have spent the past several years just watching entrepreneurs in the online world and seeing how they do the things they do in their business. One of the things that intrigued me the most was pricing of products and services. 

So I spent a lot of time just watching what others did with their pricing. Then I dug into the economic and behavioral psychology textbooks to do even more research about pricing. 

I've seen one of the biggest concerns that entrepreneurs have in their businesses is how to price their products and services. So I created this challenge to help you start to dig into your own beliefs about pricing, because I strongly believe that you can't change any belief you already have until you know the first belief that is there.