“How does she charge that much?"

"Why can't I charge like that?"

"I can't charge that much."

"No one will buy from me."

"I don't need to charge for that, it's easy for me."

"I have no idea what to charge for this."

"I don't think my audience will really pay that much for this."

Have you ever asked yourself these questions or some other variation in your business? 

The biggest not-so-secret I can share with you is that your money mindset affects your pricing, it affects how often you send invoices, and it even affects how you spend money in your business. 

It’s a thing that most entrepreneurs have to deal with at some point in their business career. 

The money stuff, especially pricing is hard. I get it. Getting the ideas, writing the copy and even creating the course is so much easier. 

Yeah, you can price it similar to your competitors, or you can pull a number out of “thin air.” 

Your money mindset can also completely derail your business and the success that you can and should have in your business. 

I’ve spent years studying pricing and just watching other business owners with their pricing. I'm always reading all the books I can get my hands on, searching the web for pricing studies that are done on a regular basis, and even conducting my own behind the scenes studies of pricing.

I started sharing this information with my private clients and close friends and their results using my methods were business changing. 

Now I’m finally sharing what I’ve learned and my method for pricing products, courses and services in a special training that you get to attend live.

I am an accountant and auditor and love working with online business owners with all of their money stuff so that they can end up making more money in their business. And I also like to help you make sure you have the right pricing for your business, because pricing really can make or break your business.

Stop letting your money mindset hold your business back from being successful today. 

In this comprehensive training, we will cover:

  • Your core money mindset beliefs
  • Growth vs fixed mindset - which do you have?
  • Your business spending and budgeting
  • The most valuable part of your pricing
  • How your money mindset actually affects your pricing
  • How to figure out your own pricing model
  • How to charge for the real value of your work
  • Mindset shifts to get your clients to pay on time and to eliminate refund requests
Pricing has become one my absolute favorite areas to work on with my clients and I always help them get amazing results with their pricing immediately after working together and when you couple pricing with money mindset, you have a recipe for success in your business. 

I added it to my GoodNotes journal, journaled the bejesus out of my blocks and worked through the fear and I kid you not, the next day I got a corporate event workshop offer worth 2k, 2 craft tutorially brand partnerships and an offer from a ridiculously high paying affiliate program I'm part of to license some of my images to run ads. I laugh cried like a lunatic so I just wanted to say thank you so much. Thanks a billion times over.

Claire - Heart Handmade UK

Talking about money can be hard – but Clarissa was supporting and encouraging the whole time.

I raised my prices right after working with Clarissa and immediately made 10 sales! And these sales were easy to make and with my soulmate clients. They weren't with the clients I'd been attracting who wanted me to do a lot more work for a lot less money.

Joelle - Vardo Media

Using Clarissa's pricing knowledge has changed the way I do business. I was once charging $25 for a 9 module course (can you believe?!). It's been a massive uplevel, and one of my clients this year purchased a custom package worth almost $25K with payment plans.

So even 'massive uplevel' might be an understatement.

KM - Austin, TX

Who will this work for?

Any business owner who struggles with their money mindset and how it really affects their business money, especially their pricing. 

Who is this not for? 

The business owner who is perfectly okay with who they are with their money mindset today and really don't want to change anything. 

The recording of the training will be yours for life so you can come back to it whenever you need more information or a refresher, as well as any updates and upgrades. 

You will get instant access to this training upon purchase.

Get your spot for this training right now for $47.

My vision for this training is that afterward, you will feel confident with the prices you decide to charge and you have a method for figuring out your price. 

You could also upgrade this training to include 1:1 work with me. When you work with me 1:1 you get my hands directly on your pricing and you'll be able to fine tune your own skills even more to feel more confident in pricing your own goods. 

There are two options: 

Option 1: 1 Week Voxer Access - $297

You get one week (5 business days) voxer access directly to me. All pricing woes, including what you should price something; what you should include in a course, product or service; how to put a value on the items included in your course, product or service, etc. are open game.

**You can start your week anytime within 3 weeks after the training.**

Option 2: 60 Minute 1:1 Session with Me - $297

You get 60 minutes, just you and me, completely uninterrupted, to bring all your pricing woes and questions. We will cover as much as we can in this time. 
**The difference between this and the voxer week are this session is completely uninterrupted 60 minutes of my attention.**