Pricing Psychology “Tricks” You Should Be Using

The human brain can be weird sometimes. 

The majority of people do not like to do any form of math. They just want things either done for them, or as easy as is humanly possible. 

So you should definitely be doing that in your business. Make things as easy as is humanly possible for them. 

Here are some “tricks” that you can use to help make this as easy as possible for them: 

Trick #1: ALWAYS offer Free Shipping

Your price could be $10 plus $5 for shipping, or it could be $15 plus Free shipping. More people will buy the free shipping offer, simply because it seems cheaper in their mind. 

This is why Amazon has so many subscribers to Amazon Prime. People want that free shipping. 

Many of your department stores will offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money. And whether you need to spend that much money or not, you’ll spend it, just to get the free shipping. 

No one likes to pay for shipping, so if you have to raise your price just a little to cover that pricing, you’ll get more buyers when you offer free shipping, than if you charge for pricing. 

Trick #2: Drop the Change

Instead of $28.99, make it $29; instead of $99.99, make it $100 (or $99). 

The less words and syllables someone has to say in order to say the price, the easier it is for the human brain to compute it. 

It’s more work to say more words and syllables. Make it simpler. 

Trick #3: Make the Discount You are Giving Easy to Compute

Discounts like 33% or 37% are not easy to compute in the brain. You need a calculator to do those calculations easily. 

10% or 50% are easy to calculate in someone’s head. 

But so is $50 off. 

Give your customers the least amount of work as possible. 

Humans don’t like to math, so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to understand what their discount is. 

A specific dollar amount is always easy to compute. 

Always make the discount easy to compute for your people. 

Trick #4: End Your Price in a 7 or 9

When a price ends in a 7 or 9, it makes it seem like it’s less than. 

$29 is cheaper than $30. $99 is cheaper than $100. 

It’s just “cheaper” when you price this way. 

Note: I personally just like to use a 7 for most of my prices. You can use either one.

Trick #5: Make Your Price Multiples of the Same Number

When you price something like $44 or $55 or $88 or $99 or $111, it’s just a fun number that the human brain likes. 

Some people consider these angel numbers, so if you really want to speak to a certain group of people look up what certain angel numbers mean and use those specific numbers for your pricing of your products, courses and services. 

What works for you? 

How many of these “tricks” have worked for you in the past? 

What has made you hit that buy button based on something like any of these tricks above? 

What other tricks make you buy easier? 

There are reasons why people buy and using these tricks will help appeal to these reasons even more. 

Buying is an emotional experience for most people. They don’t use their logical or rational brain as much when they buy. They use their emotions. 

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