How would your business be different if you actually knew how to price your products and services quickly and easily? 

You can just select a number for your price, sure. 

But that may not work for you. You need a more concrete selection process, right?

Then the pricing toolkit is just what you need.

Trust your gut, they said. 

Just charge your worth, they said. 

Pick a number, it's just a number anyway, they said. 

But you still have no idea what to charge. It's just not clear for you. 

But you are just so stressed and not confident in your price. You have no idea what to charge. 

Will they actually buy it for that price?

Will I actually make money if I charge that price?

So you just give up.

You don't even offer your products and courses and services for sale, because you have no idea what to charge. 

Some people make pricing seem so easy. 

But for you, it's just not easy.

You struggle with coming up with a price. Why can't it be easier?!?

That is why you need the pricing toolkit. 

In the toolkit, you will learn how to set your prices and feel good about the prices you are charging. 

You'll be able to know that you are making money in your business. 

You'll be able to know that your prices are going to work for you and your business, where you are right now. 

What's in the Pricing Toolkit? 


How to Price Courses & Services

+ Spreadsheet Calculator

Learn what your prices are comprised of. Learn how to choose a price that fits what you are offering. Learn how to price for a profit and even including those pesky merchant fees from PayPal and Stripe.


How to Price Physical Products

+ Spreadsheet Calculator

Pricing your physical products is different than pricing digital products and services. Learn what goes into the price of your physical products and how to price your products to make a profit, not just break even. 


How to Raise Your Prices

It's not always easy to raise your prices, in general or for existing customers. Learn how to raise your prices, feeling comfortable with your own personal mindset, for your current clients and for new clients.


Business Inventory List

What are all of the items that you have in your business? Do you have an easy way to access all of the important details about these courses, products and services in a quick, easy way? This spreadsheet will walk you through getting all of this set up for your business. 


Standard Operating Procedures for Pricing

Dealing with Refund Requests Masterclass

Introduction to Using Psychology in Your Pricing Masterclass

What are the things that you should be doing regularly for your business? Use the SOPs to make sure you are doing everything that needs to be done for your bookkeeping on a regular basis. 
Plus if you hire an assistant or bookkeeper for your business, you can use this SOP to pass off the job with everything already in place. 
Refund requests are never fun, but you can lower your refund requests with a few simple tricks.
Buyer psychology is a very important thing for your buyers, when you know how to use buyer psychology, you are speaking their language more. 
  • How to Price Courses and Services Masterclass and Spreadsheet Calculator ($99 value)
  • How to Price Physical Products Masterclass and Spreadsheet Calculator ($99 value)
  • How to Raise Your Prices Masterclass ($99 value)
  • Business Inventory List Spreadsheet ($47 value)
  • Bonus: Pricing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ($47 value)
  • Bonus: Sales Dealing with Refund Requests Masterclass ($47 value)
  • Bonus: Introduction to Using Psychology in Your Pricing Masterclass ($99 value)

Total Value: $537

Your Price Today: $37

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I’ve been in the accounting world for almost 20 years. When I took my first accounting class in high school, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of the topic. 

Yeah, I know I’m a nerd. I’m actually a proud nerd 🙂 Learning new things and helping business owners is a passion of mine. 

Fast forward several years, I now have 3 college degrees in accounting (1 Bachelor’s, 2 Masters) and more than 10 years in the corporate world with accounting. More than 6 of those years have been spent as a government auditor. 

I started really helping online business owners with their bookkeeping and finances when I started getting really sick of what I was doing as an auditor. 

I have to go into businesses that are doing things wrong, look through their books and then assess them fines, fees, and other assessments just for doing it wrong. There is no second chance. We don’t give you a warning or a chance to fix anything. 

That really started to piss me off, so I turned my anger into helping people do it correctly the first time, or least from right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help me with pricing my digital products, my courses, my services and even physical products?

Yes! There is a masterclass and a spreadsheet calculator for digital products, services and courses, and a separate masterclass and spreadsheet calculator for physical products. 

There are some differences between pricing for the physical products, which is why they are 2 separate ones.


Is this a monthly payment or one time payment?

One time payment of $37. You'll never be charged again for the Pricing Toolkit. 


Your Price Today: $37