How to Price & Sell Without the Energy of Desperation

You know that feeling when you read a post on social media or an email from someone you follow when they are selling something, and you just feel that they are desperate to sell you something?

They need to make money in their business to pay for a bill and it has come across in their post. 

It just makes you feel icky. Am I right? 

This is the energy of desperation and there are a lot of people that put this out there because they only sell something when they need to make money, not just because they have something to sell. 

And you may do this too. 

But you can sell from a place of being desperate to make money, because you just haven’t been able to make the sales, without coming across as desperate. 

How do you sell something without the energy of desperation, even if you are desperate? 

First, you need to pause and realize that you are in the energy of desperation. When you actually know that you are in this energy pattern, it will be easier to get out there and do what you need to do and still be able to make some sales. 

The next thing is that you need to get into the energy of serving your soul mate clients. 

You do what you do so that you can help your soul mate clients. But when you are desperate to make money, it never feels like you want to help your soul mate clients, you just want to receive money from whoever is willing to pay you. 

Do you actually love what you do and the clients you work with? 

Do you like to make money from your soul mate clients? 

Or do you enjoy not having enough money at the end of each month, therefore you need to go into desperation mode and make money from just anyone? And these just anyones usually make you work much harder than your soul mate clients, right? 

How do you price something without the energy of desperation?

The simple answer here is that you should be pricing your stuff the same way you would if you weren’t desperate. 

Usually what happens to our pricing when we are desperate is we lower the price and offer discounts and flash sales.

I’m not saying to not offer discounts and flash sales. I’m saying to not do these offers when you are desperate to make money. 

Don’t lower your prices and your value just because you need to make money. 

At the same time though, you don’t want to drastically raise your prices either. 

If you can smell desperation coming off someone else, your followers can smell it coming off you, too. 

Remember: desperation is a feeling that everyone can feel and it makes most people want to get as far away from you as possible.

You can still make sales when you are desperate, just find a way to step out of the energy of desperation and stay in the energy of being in service to your soul mate clients. 

So how do you step out of the energy of desperation? 

The first thing is to stop thinking about why you are so desperate to make money. Stop thinking about what is going to happen in your life if you don’t make the money that you need to make. 

I know this is going to be hard because it is the only thing you can really focus on right now. I mean, you really do need to make the money. But you have to step away from it. 

How can you help your clients with your expertise? 

How can you help someone change their business and/or their life? 

You have a way to help your clients in your business. And you probably love being able to do that. So step into that energy of wanting to be of service, wanting to help someone make a change. 

That is the quickest way you can step out of desperation. 

You can also journal

This works best first thing in the morning when your mind is fresh and hasn’t had time to start really thinking about the millions of things you have to do. 

Sit down with a journal, a notebook or even just a blank piece of paper. Handwriting works best, over typing. 

Write the question “What can I sell in my business to make this money?” 

Then just start writing all of the things that come to you. Maybe the first time or two that you do this, you won’t get any answers coming to you. 

But everyone I have worked with has done this and it works like magic. They always get so many ideas about things they can sell. 

Then pick the idea that excites you the most and start selling it. 

Desperation just isn’t the energy you want to be putting out there

I don’t care how hard you think it is to get out of the energy of desperation. It’s much harder to sell and actually make the money you need to make from that energy though too. 

You don’t know how you are going to make ends meet. 

Or you don’t know how you are going to pay that bill. 

I get it. But staying in the energy of desperation isn’t serving you. It’s not serving your business and it’s not serving your clients. 

You have to stop feeling like you are desperate and know that you are being of service. You are there to help someone in their business. You are there to help someone in their life. 

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