The Top Reasons Why You Should be Using Quickbooks Online

Bookkeeping software will make your business bookkeeping and accounting that much easier. And you know you need one. You’ve been doing some research on which program is the best one that you will use in your business. 

My personal favorite software is Quickbooks, and specifically, Quickbooks Online. 

Quickbooks has a desktop version and an online version. 

The online version is cloud based, is accessed through a website, is very safe and secure and can be used anywhere in the world. 

The desktop version is installed on your computer and can only be used on the computer that it’s installed on. When someone else needs to access your bookkeeping, they will either need access to your computer or to have a jump drive of your information made available to them. 

When you run an online business, you should also have software, especially bookkeeping, that works with you and your business as well. And that is the main reason why I recommend Quickbooks Online to everyone I talk to. But there are other reasons as well. 

I share with you products and programs that I really like. Because of that, I may earn a small commission on your purchase. Check out my full disclosure policy.

Quickbooks Online is safe and secure

Quickbooks has been created with bank level security. Your information is safe with Quickbooks

The same security that banks use to allow you to log in and view and access your bank account through the internet and your phone apps is used with Quickbooks

It is very safe with Quickbooks

But I know this can still be a concern for many – my mom refuses to upgrade to Quickbooks Online and prefers the desktop version, even with all of the security measures in place. 

Quickbooks Online is cloudbased

Since the program is cloud based, it’s one less thing to take up space on your hard drive. 

You can also access it from anywhere in the world, as well. I know a lot of online business owners like to be able to travel the world while running their businesses. And this means you’ll need access to your financial information no matter where you are in the world. 

But also since it’s cloud based, the program is always updated for you. 

You never have to do anything to get the most updated version, you already have it in your version when you access your account. 

This is one less headache that you have to deal with. I know keeping all the plugins updated on your website is a pain, so you don’t have to worry about those updates with Quickbooks

Quickbooks Online is easy to use

Even if you lack accounting knowledge, after spending a little bit of time in your account, you’ll get familiar with it and start to understand many parts of it. 

It is very user friendly. 

My favorite part is how the dashboard shows you your business overview as soon as you log in to your account. 

They also have quicklinks to the parts of your account that you use the most. 

Your account is laid out in a very user friendly manner. 

Quickbooks Online is scalable

Quickbooks will grow with your business.

As your business continues to grow, Quickbooks Online will still be there to support you. You won’t have to switch to a different program (switching is a pain in the ass anyway) just because you are making, and spending, a lot of money. 

You can start with Quickbooks Online when you first start your business and it will be there for you through all of your business changes. 

Quickbooks Online works with many different applications, including your bank

Quickbooks Online can connect directly to your bank account and import your bank feed for your bookkeeping needs. 

This makes doing your bookkeeping much easier. Your transactions are already in your program and you just need to sort them correctly. 

It also connects to many other apps as well. These apps include: PayPal, Square, Shopify, AMEX, and others. 

All you have to do is connect the apps that you use within Quickbooks Online and they will work for you in the program to help you with your business. 

Quickbooks Online has it’s own invoicing feature

When you send invoices from your bookkeeping program, the invoices already show up in your transaction list, even before you get paid for them. 

You can brand the invoices to fit your business. And even have a button on the invoices so that your client can pay directly from the invoice. 

Plus, you can also set up rules in Quickbooks for overdue invoices to automatically be sent to your clients asking for payments. This is a task that you should have automated systems for anyway and Quickbooks allows you to create this automation. 

Quickbooks Online has a receipt capture technology

You know you need to keep copies of all of your receipts. With Quickbooks Online and their mobile app, you can easily maintain your documents and receipts within Quickbooks

The app is free when you have a subscription to Quickbooks Online. 

There are 3 ways you can add receipts: 

  1. Use the mobile app and scan the receipts in. 
  2. Upload it as an image or document through the online account on your computer. 
  3. Email the receipt to your Quickbooks account. 

Quickbooks will do it’s best to match it to the transactions in your account. Any remaining transactions you can match yourself. 

Quickbooks Online is your best option for a bookkeeping software

You need a bookkeeping software that can support your business and Quickbooks Online is that software. 

It will support your business, and grow with you as you grow you. 

It is very user friendly and intuitive to use. There will be a learning curve if you know very little or next to nothing about accounting, but it’s a learn curve you can learn through. 

This is my favorite bookkeeping program to work with and always what I recommend to anyone who asks for a bookkeeping program.

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