Review: The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting

I’ve been looking at ways to improve my affiliate game, both as an affiliate and as an affiliate host. And in my search for more information on taking my affiliate game further, I found The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting

This course is for course creators that are looking to have affiliates sell their own courses. 

And I would like to share my experience with this course and how you can benefit from this course. 

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Who is The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting for? 

The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting is for the business owner who really wants to get their products and services in front of more people that need the information that you are teaching. 

You have courses and services already created. You may have more courses that you want to create, but it is a good idea to already have at least one course created. I personally feel that it is much easier to follow along with the course if you have at least one course that you are already selling and can set up your affiliate hosting program as you go through the course. 

What did I learn from The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting?

I’ve attempted about 4 or 5 times over the past 2 years to set up an affiliate program for my business. But there were things that just didn’t work for me, or moreso, there were things that I just didn’t know. 

The biggest thing being the way to set up the program to make it super easy for your affiliates to sell for you. I know there are a lot of platforms out there that you can use to set up your affiliates. I am an affiliate for a lot of programs myself, so I’ve seen my fair share of them. But I just couldn’t find one that I was willing to use long term, so therefore I procrastinated on setting up my own affiliate program. 

But after going through this course, I set up my own affiliate program in a matter of hours. It is super simple and easy. This course gives you step-by-step directions for setting up your affiliate program and I loved that. There are still more things that I need to implement in my program, but it’s coming along nicely and I feel so much more confident in asking business owners to join me in my affiliate program now. 

The other big thing that I learned in this course was how to do research to find people who may be a good fit for your affiliate program and then how to ask them to join you. 

This course doesn’t include a lot of fluff and information that you don’t need. Everything Jessica teaches you is valuable information that you can then take and use right away in your own affiliate program. 

How can The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting help you and your business? 

When you partner with other business owners to help you sell your products and services, you end up making more money in your business because you are getting in front of people who knew nothing about you before. 

Even if you only get to keep 50% of the sale price, you still have 100% more money than you had before the sale because this is a sale you most likely would not have made. 

This course literally walks you through step-by-step how to set up your own affiliate program to help people sell for you in your business. You get all the templates that you need to get started. You learn how to set everything up for yourself and how to reach out to potential affiliates to help you sell your stuff. 

And at the end of the course, you have basically set up a brand new income stream for your business. Who doesn’t want a way to earn more money in their business?!?

Pros of The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting

This course is very in depth and full of very useful knowledge about affiliate hosting. 

Every module and every section of each module has both a video and written description. The written description does include almost everything that is in the video. 

Jessica also includes many of her own templates and walks you through how to use them. When you are new to affiliate hosting, you don’t have many of your own things set up, if you even have anything set up at all. So the assets that Jessica gives are very helpful for you to get started with getting everything set up for your business and how you want it all to look. 

Jessica knows what she is teaching very well. She has spent years as both an affiliate and an affiliate host. She has been in many different programs and seen many different things. She shares her knowledge very well in this course. 

The videos are actually very short and easy to consume. They are also well named so that you can easily go back to a video if you need to rewatch something or just give yourself a refresher on one specific area of the course. 

Cons of The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting

The only real con that I have with this course, but it’s really not that bad, is that the course is mostly videos with powerpoint slides and Jessica talking over them. 

If you are someone who doesn’t learn from videos very well, then this course isn’t for you. 

I can’t think of any other cons from this course. 

Who The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting is NOT for

This course is not for the business owner who doesn’t want to have affiliates try to help you sell your courses and services. 

This course is not for the business owner who thinks they know everything about affiliate hosting. 

This course is not for the business owner who doesn’t want to improve their business and invite in more soul mate clients that may not have known about their products and services before by allowing people to share your products with their audience. 

If you are someone who thinks that paying 40-50% of the income made from an affiliate sale to your affiliates is a loss of money for you, then this course is not for you. You would have made no money if your affiliate hadn’t introduced you to the new buyer. Therefore, even if you only “make” 50% of the sale price because you are paying your affiliates, then you are still making more money that you didn’t have. 

Should you Buy The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting? 

Jessica is very knowledgeable in affiliate hosting. She has spent years as both an affiliate and an affiliate host. 

As you are learning the content in this course, you can tell that Jessica knows exactly what she is talking about. She is giving you time tested and experienced advice. 

If you are looking to help increase your bottom line in your business by making more sales, this is a no-brainer course to buy. 

If you have ever thought about adding affiliates to your business to help you sell your courses and services, then is definitely the course to buy. I’m certainly glad I bought this program.

Affiliate hosting is a really good way to get your products and services in front of an audience that may not have heard about you before.  

If you are ready to buy this course and take your affiliate hosting to the next level, you can use my affiliate link. When you use my affiliate link, if you email me (clarissa at clarissaawilson dot com) a copy of your receipt, I will send you a copy of my affiliate income & expense tracking spreadsheet. This sheet helps you see how much money you made from your affiliates on a monthly basis. 

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