Viral Content Templates: A Review

Almost a year ago, I purchased the Viral Content Templates from Katya Varbanova and Jamie Nudelman. 

I purchased these templates because I wanted an easier way to come up with content and to be more consistent on Instagram. 

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When Katya first introduced the template idea, I knew I was in for these templates. 

I love when social media is made easy for me and that’s exactly what these templates promised. 

Then when I got my hot little hands on the templates, I was totally in love. 

I used my first few templates and Jamie didn’t even know some of them were from the template pack!!

They also just released the 2.0 version of the templates and these templates are even hotter than they were the first time around. And they were hot the first time around!

What’s so great about these templates? 

For me, these templates make creating content that much easier. 

You have a template in front of you and then you just have to plug in the information as it relates to your niche and what you are sharing based on the template. 

The whole blank screen, cursor staring you in the face syndrome doesn’t affect you anywhere near as much when you have the ideas already before you with the templates. 

But if everyone buys the same templates, won’t all the content be the same? 

Actually no. 

The templates are completely customizable and you make them for your brand. 

Change the colors. Change the fonts. Add your logo. Add your own images. 

Even if you have the same niche as someone else who has the templates, you each teach differently. 

These are definitely not the kind of template that you have to worry about everyone looking the same as you. 

Can’t I just use the free templates in Canva or PicMonkey or somewhere else? 

Sure, you can. 

There’s nothing wrong with using those templates. I’ve used them here and there. 

If you just want to use those templates and/or create your own, all the more power to you. 

Katya and Jamie only give the templates that they know work and can help with virality. 

Sidenote: virality is different for everyone. What may be viral for me won’t be viral for you. It depends on how you use the templates and the content you post with it.

What if I don’t like all of the templates? 

Then just don’t use them. The investment for the templates is quite small and in my opinion totally worth it! 

You aren’t obligated to have to use all of the templates. I haven’t used all of them and probably won’t use all of them. They just don’t fit into my business. 

And there is nothing wrong with not wanting or needing to use all of the templates. There are 100+ templates in the pack. 

Pros of the Templates

They are Canva templates and you do NOT need a paid Canva account. 

You can just use a free canva account and still use the templates and all of their goodness. 

They are easily editable. 

Make them to your brand colors. Add your own logo. Add your own images. Add gifs or anything else you need. Change the fonts. 

They help you come up with ideas for your content. 

Stuck with what to post on social media at the moment. Open the templates and scroll through them. You’ll come up with a few ideas pretty easily. I do every single time. 

Very Affordable.

The set of templates only cost $30. You get all of these templates for just $30. Plus Katya and Jamie love to give tons of value, so you may also get other upgrades and free gifts along the way.

Cons of the Templates

There have been more than 3000 of the templates. 

But honestly, who cares. Each person who uses them is completely unique. Some of us may have the same brand colors or the same fonts. 

But you can’t copy my voice and my content exactly. I am me and you are you. 

The Viral Content Templates

I personally love using templates, whether they are for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, header images, what have you. 

Templates just make my life easier. And these templates also help me come up with ideas to post on social media just by scrolling through them. 

Ready for your own set of templates? Get them here. Customize them for your business and just have fun. 

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