All the gurus say you should journal. So you sit down to journal and your mind goes completely blank. 
Sound familiar?!?!

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But journaling works!!
they all say. 

And you just keep getting frustrated because it just doesn't work for you.

But there is a possibility that it can work for you. You can use journaling to change your mindset. You can rewrite your money story with journaling. And a whole slew of other changes that you want to make in your life. 

You just need a little  bit of guidance on what to write.

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Introducing the Rewrite Your Money Story Journaling Program

Give me 30 days & I'll help you rewrite your money story

Picture this:

  • Money stays in your bank account for more than 30 seconds
  • Money shows up for you without you having to wish upon a star, do back flips and bounce around your house hoping and praying there is money to pay the bills
  • You can actually have more money than month instead of running out of money before the month even ends

When you rewrite your money story:

  • Your money worries start to disappear
  • Money manifesting actually becomes easy for you
  • Finding the limiting beliefs you have about money and removing them gets really easy

With this program you get: 

  • 30 different prompts to help you with your money mindset and rewriting your money story delivered to your inbox daily
  • lifetime access to the program and the ability to participate every time I run it live and I plan to run it live quarterly!

Join now for just $97 $27 & secure your lifetime access

The first live round starts on Monday October 16

I can't guarantee that this program will work for you, but I can guarantee that during the process of writing this program for you, I've made shifts and changes in my own money story with beliefs that I didn't know were lurking below the surface. And I've been working on my money story and journaling for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this work even if I don't currently have any money?
  • Yes! You will receive a new email each day for 30 days and each email contains exercises that will help you figure out why you don't have money today and help you come up with solutions to this problem once and for all. If you do the exercises each day, you'll notice how money starts to change for you. You'll look at money differently and even act around money differently.
  • What type of support does this come with?
  • You get lifetime access to the program, so every time I run the program live, you will get to participate. And you will be able to make changes in your money story every time you go through the whole 30 days. There is not a Facebook group for this program, but I am always just an email away. Just reply to any email in the course and I will respond within 24 hours because I want to see you succeed in this course and really be able to rewrite your money story. ‚Äč
  • Do you offer refunds? 
  • No, since this is a digital product and cost less than $50, I have a strict no refund policy.

Join now for just $97 $27 & secure your lifetime access

The first live round starts on Monday October 16