Are you sabotaging your business with your prices?

You’ve created products and services to sell in your business. 

But are you actually sabotaging your business with the prices you are charging? 

If your prices are too low, you won’t really get the clients you really want to deal with. 

You’ll get 1 of 2 kinds of people: 

  1. People who want you to deliver everything on a silver platter to their front door. They will ask you questions over and over again. Questions you’ve already answered, multiple times. They will want all of your attention, at all times of the day. 

  2. People who don’t complete the course and basically just let it collect dust on their hard drive. 

I know that you really don’t want either type of people in your business. Because then you aren’t serving your purpose or living your passion. 

You have people that just completely drain you or you feel guilty for making money from people who don’t actually do the work. 

Then because you are drained or you feel guilty, your business starts to suffer. 

Let’s look at this another way: 

You go to the store to buy some top shelf liquor that usually costs $299.99 a bottle. But you get to the store to buy it and it’s on sale for $49.99. 

Your first thought isn’t “I need to stock up on this because it’s finally so cheap.” It’s more along the lines of “What is wrong with this that it’s marked so cheap?!”

The same thing happens in your business. 

Why are your services so cheap compared to your competitor who does the same thing? 

Do you not believe in what you are offering? 

Do you not think that you can help me change my life or my business like your competitor can? 

This is not to say that you need to be charging the same thing as your competitor, but you should think more about your prices and do some competitor research before you set your prices. 

So are you sabotaging your business with your prices? 

Are your prices too low? 

Are you getting customers and clients who don’t respect your boundaries and ask you questions you already answered and expect you to be available at their beck and call? 

Are you making as much money in your business as you want to? 

When you have the right prices in place, selling becomes easier and you have to make a lot less sales to meet your goals in your business. 

What happens if you keep sabotaging your business? 

A couple things can happen: 

  1. You’ll despise your business. 

  2. You’ll get burnt out. 

  3. You’ll stop making sales and go broke. 

When any of this happens, then you don’t even want to be working in your business. 

And when you don’t want to work in your business, your clients and potential clients don’t want to work with you either. The energy is contagious. 

Just like happy, smiling energy is contagious, so is the not so good energy. It will make people run the opposite direction of you. 

All businesses are made to make money. You have a program, a product, a course, a service that can help someone else. You are really good at what you do. So charge accordingly. 

How can you stop sabotaging your business? 

Do more research on what your competitors are doing first of all, especially with their pricing. When you do the research you at least know what is being charged and the benchmarks for the industry. 

Raise your prices. 

Do the mindset work on yourself to feel more comfortable with charging higher prices. If you really can’t charge higher prices than what you are charging, then nothing I say is ever going to help you. No amount of mindset work or reading blog posts or taking courses will ever work for you if you really don’t want to change your mindset and be okay with charging higher prices. 

Need help with ending the sabotage of your prices and your business? Let’s chat and see how I can help you. 

Can you stop sabotaging your business? 

It is possible for everyone to stop sabotaging their business. But you also have to be willing to do the mindset work that it takes to raise your prices and be okay charging more for your work. 

You’ll have to step up and put the boundaries in place that your business needs and actually stick to them. 

But are you actually ready to stop sabotaging your business?

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