Are you sabotaging your business with your prices?

There is such a thing as charging too much or too little in your business. 

And both will sabotage your business. 

Let’s look first at not charging enough. 

When you don’t charge enough for your products and courses and services, you won’t be able to make that much money without burning yourself out. 

I know you want to be able to serve a lot more people, so that’s why you keep your prices low. So your products and courses and services are much more accessible to more people. 

But look at this way, how many clients are you getting that are either not completing your products and courses or with your services they expect a lot more from you than you are willing to give? They ignore all of your boundaries and want all of your time and expect you to deliver a lot more than you originally agreed to. 

You are more likely to burn out much quicker with lower prices because you have to work a lot harder and more hours just to meet your business goals. 

What about charging too much? 

Usually when you are charging too much, the people who you want to buy your stuff won’t buy. 

But it is very hard to charge too much. There is a market out there for almost everything at every price point.

There are a lot of things that if the message is there and you fully believe in what you are offering, the right people will buy it. 

Think about it this way, Tiffany’s sells a $1500 paper clip. People obviously buy this paper clip or it wouldn’t still be listed on their website. 

If there is a market for your product, course or service, people will buy it. 

But you have to have the right message and fully believe in what you are offering. 

If you don’t believe in what you are offering, it doesn’t matter what your price is. You’ll never be able to sell it. 

Do you believe in your offer? 

So do you actually believe in your offer? 

Do you really believe that you can change lives and/or businesses with your offer? 

Do you believe that you can help other people make the changes you say that you can make? 

Do you really believe that the price you are charging is the absolute best price for YOU and your business? When you believe this, there is no such thing as too high or too low for your price. 

If you don’t believe in what you offer and the prices you are charging are the best for you and your business, you’ll always be sabotaging your business. 

Are you sabotaging your business? 

So are you sabotaging your business? Do you believe in your offer? Do you believe in your pricing for your products, courses and services? 

When you don’t believe in these, you are always going to sabotage your business. 

You will make more money and your business will be able to achieve the goals you set with ease. 

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