Saving an Extra $1250 in a Year

As each new year comes around, one of the biggest resolutions that is made is to save more money this year.  So this year, let's make saving money into a fun game. 

You also don't have to start this savings game at the beginning of a new year. It's a good thing to start saving whenever you can. 

Print out the chart below (or save it to your phone or computer), then each week, pick a number on the page, move that money to your designated savings account or money jar, and cross off the number on the chart. 

money saving chart $1250

Saving money isn't always easy, especially when you live paycheck to paycheck as so many people around the world do. But when you make saving money a game, it makes it easier to save. I know that this is at least true for me and many of the people that I have talked to. 

I personally love playing games like this with my money, partly because it helps to build my own relationship with money too. It helps me to pay attention to it even more as well. 

I like to pick the bigger numbers as early into the game as possible. But sometimes that's not always possible. So I opt for a smaller number that week. 

One other way that makes money saving easier is to define the purpose you are saving the money for. I always change the nickname of the savings account that I am funneling the money into as the goal for what I'm saving for (i.e. vacation to the beach, buying that new bike, creating an investment account, new car fund, or even emergency fund). 

By defining the exact purpose that you are saving this money for, it makes it even easier to be able to continue to save the money in the future and then create a more regular habit of saving once the game is over. 

So are you willing to play the game this year? Leave a comment below to let me know how this is going to help you this year. What are you going to save this extra money for? 

Download a PDF copy of the saving chart here.

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