Should you get a Standing Desk? My Review

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A little over a year ago, I bought a standing desk from Autonomous

Before I bought this desk, I had one of those desktop things that you could put your computer on and then you had handles that you just used to stand when you wanted to stand. 

This thing was sturdy, but it also slid around on my desk. If I even slightly leaned on it, then it would move around on my desk. 

So I started looking around a little bit more. I also took a trip to Ikea where I found standing desks where the whole desk went up and down, with a motor. 

And that’s when I found Autonomous and their standing desks. 

I ordered my desk from Autonomous. It took a few weeks to arrive and the base arrived about a week before the desktop. 

But once I got it all set up, I was in love. 

The desk goes up and down with a motor. I just push a button and it will go up or down. You can adjust it to any height between 25.4 inches to 51 inches. 

I’m 5’8” tall and usually adjust the standing position to 44 inches. My sitting position is at 29.9 inches.

The desktops come in multiple colors and I got the walnut wood color. 

The base comes in black, white and grey. Mine is grey. 

I absolutely love my standing desk. I work at my desk all day, so just being able to stand up for an hour and then sit down for an hour really helps me with extra movement. 

It did take some time to get used to working while standing up, but it feels really good to be able to stand and still get work done without having to hunch over my desk.  

Pros of the Standing Desk

Sitting all the time isn’t good for your body

So many people sit all the time anymore, it’s just what we do for our jobs. We spend our time behind a computer all day, so it’s a lot of time sitting. 

But with a standing desk, you can now stand and still work at the same time. 

You can stand up and even get some low key exercises in while still working. 

Plus you’ll be even more productive while being able to stand and get a little bit more movement in. I know I sure am more productive the more movement I get in. 

And your body will also thank you for the extra movement with a few less aches and pains that you have. 

Plus my cat loves when I stand, he can take over my chair and be as close to me as possible while I work since I can’t hold him all the time (yes he thinks he is a human toddler). 

Easy to Assemble

Unlike your Ikea manuals to help you put together your purchases, this manual to help you assemble your standing desk from Autonomous is in plain English and easy to follow. 

It took me about a half hour to put the whole desk together and getting it to work. 

Easy to Use

It is really easy to use. You just hit a button and the desk will go up and down to the height you want it to be at. 

Plus if you want it to be a little bit higher or lower, you just hit the up or down arrow. 

You can program your favorite heights into the buttons, so that you just have to hit one of those buttons and your desk will automatically go to your preferred height. 

Have Dance Parties While Working

I regularly have dance parties while working. My body just likes to get the extra movement. 

Yes you can still have a dance party while sitting, but it so much better when you get full body movement in. 

Keep Your Workspace to a Minimum

You can easily keep your workspace to a minimum and only keep the things you actually need while working. 

The desk is just a stand and the desktop. No drawers or anything else. 

Cons of the Standing Desk

No Drawers

If you are someone who has to have drawers and all the extras with your desk, then you aren’t going to want the Autonomous Standing Desk

I personally didn’t want the drawers, just the desktop. I wanted my desk minimized as much as possible, so this was the perfect desk for me. 

But if you need drawers, you can buy a filing cabinet or something else that gives you desk drawers. 

It Takes Time to Get Used to Standing

It really does take some time to get used to actually using a standing desk and standing up to work. 

You really are used to sitting all the time. But your body really will thank you for spending some time standing up. 

Get Your Autonomous Standing Desk Today

If you use this link to get your standing desk today, you will get a credit towards your purchase. The amount of the credit will depend on the total amount of your purchase. 

Your body really will thank you for taking the time to stand up more and get more movement into your day. 

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