You know that you have to pay taxes as a business. 

It’s an inevitable part of your business. The government is going to get a piece of your income. 

But with the right tax planning for your business, we can reduce the amount of money that the government is going to get. 

Have you ever wondered why (and even HOW?) the wealthiest business owners are continuing to get wealthier and even pay less in taxes?

Tax planning is the answer. 

When you plan out and figure out how to actually create a profit in your business and at the same time pay less in taxes, both you and the government win. 

Taxes are the biggest expense of a business. They will take a huge chunk of your profits simply because you made money. 

But there are legal ways that you can reduce your tax bill for your business. 

When you book a strategy session, you will get an email with some pre-work. This pre-work needs to be done before your strategy session and returned to me at least 48 hours prior to our session. 

During our strategy session, we will dive deeper into your goals, what you do in your business, what the past few years for your business and taxes have looked like, and how you really want to grow your business and spend your money for the coming year. 

After your session (approximately 7-10 days), you will get:

  • A summary of your overall tax plan
  • Action steps to help you get the most tax savings benefits
  • Detailed plan report for your business for the tax year

Then you will have the opportunity to book a 30 minute follow up call to get any questions answered about your plan.