Tips from a Podcast Host: How to Land a Podcast Interview

Interviewing to be on a podcast is an easy way to share your expertise with another audience. And many times it's easier to be a guest on a podcast episode and just talk than it is to sit and write a guest post for another host's blog. Amiright? I mean, you can say so much more and include in your tone of voice what you really mean to be saying. 

I have been a guest on a handful of podcasts and I have also interviewed my fair share of interviewees for my podcast. So here are some of the most important things I've learned from being on both ends of the mic to help you land that podcast interview that you have been dreaming of. 

Tips from a Podcast Host: How to Land a Podcast Interview

Tip #1 - Start with the smaller podcasts first

I know, I know, we all want to be on the big name podcasts right from the beginning and grow our own audiences fast. But that's not always the best way to go. When you start with the smaller podcasts first, you get your name out there. You have the ability to show those big name podcasts that you have the experience in being a guest. Plus it also helps you hone your skills as a podcast guest and learn to share your expertise on podcasts even easier. This also helps you get over any fears (known or hidden) about speaking about your topics.

Tip #2 - Listen to at least 3 episodes from that podcast

Of course, time may be an issue. I have used that excuse myself before too. But when you listen to past episodes with other interviewees, you understand how the host runs the podcast. You better understand how the host talks and asks questions. And you also understand how the host is expecting questions to be answered. Plus by listening to past episodes, you can include some information in your pitch to the host. When the host knows that you have listened to past episodes, it helps him/her know that you are going to be an excellent guest. And when you listen to episodes of that podcast, you may also get ideas for what to pitch to the host to be a guest.

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Tip #3 - Make sure you provide all of the information in detail that the host asks for

Many of the podcast hosts have an application for their podcast. This application helps the host to know who would most likely be the best guests for their podcast. But when you fill it out, make sure you fill it out with detail and as much detail as you see fit for the episode you would like to include in your episode on that podcast. These applications also help the host know exactly who is applying to be a guest on their podcast. Sometimes this information is also used to help communicate with you, and to fill in the information on the shownotes page of your podcast episode.

Tip #4 - If the host has an application, fill out the application, instead of sending a pitch email

This is one of personal pet peeves. My podcast has an application and yet I still received several email pitches. My application isn't even hard to find. For me (and many other podcast hosts), the application is the best way for you to pitch because besides being a podcast host, we are also business owners. When you fill out the application, they go into another space besides our email inbox, which can get quite cluttered sometimes, so the application process is much easier to manage. So when you see an application on a podcast website, fill that out before you send a pitch email. 99.9% of the time, the application has a place for you to pitch yourself and the topics you want to share in your episode.

Tips from a Podcast Host: How to Land a Podcast Interview

Tip #5 - Make sure you understand the type of interview episodes that are on that podcast

Some podcasts that share interviews don't share just any type of story or topic on their episodes. They share specific types of interviews. When you are pitching, make sure you understand this process first. This is a sure way to get your pitch turned down. My own podcast is an example of this. My interviews are sharing your specific money story, not any type of business topic that you can think of.

Tip #6 - Be okay with rejection

Your pitch or application is not going to be accepted for every single podcast that you apply for. There are a limited number of spots to be filled for every podcast, so only a limited number of guests can be accepted. You may not be the best fit for this podcast, but you may be the perfect fit for another podcast. Most podcasts have a guest no more than once a week. That means that only 52 episodes a year will have a guest, so they can only accept 52 guest applications a year.
These are my personal tips being on both ends of the mic to be interviewed and being the interviewer. Do you have any tips that I haven't mentioned above? 

I know that being a guest on a podcast and sharing your expertise by being interviewed is usually much easier than sitting down and writing a guest blog post. And there are so many new podcasts popping up on a regular basis to be a guest on. 

I know that you can be an amazing guest on podcasts. So get out there and apply to be a guest on podcasts! 

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