Tips for having a treat yourself day on a budget

Maybe you are trying to save as much money as possible right now. Or you have a boatload of debt that needs to be paid off. Or you don't make very much money and are living on a tight budget. It doesn't matter what your financial situation is, but sometimes you really just need to treat yourself, even if you do have a tight budget for it. 

I've learned from my own personal experience that when I don't treat myself at least once a month, I will completely blow my budget and go overboard on treating myself the next month. 

Just because you have a financial situation that doesn't allow you to treat yourself all the time like some people can, doesn't mean you don't have to treat yourself at all. 

I allocate $25 from every paycheck to my fun fund. This money can be used however I want to use it and on anything. 

Plus there are many ways that you can treat yourself that cost little to nothing. 

It's just important that you still have treat yourself days (or partial days) to avoid burnout. 

Ideas to Help You Enjoy a Treat Yourself Day

Buy yourself a brand new book

Has there been a book that you have been wanting to read? Or maybe you just need to give your brain a break and read a fiction book.

Go to a bookstore (or your favorite online book website or Amazon because physical bookstores are getting harder and harder to find nowadays) and just look through the shelves to find yourself a good book that you think you might enjoy. 

If you are lucky enough to have a physical bookstore near you, you could even spend some time in their comfy chairs reading your book for a little while before going back home to curl up and enjoy your new book. 

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I always turn to fiction books when my brain needs a break from every day life. Fiction books allow me to live in another world than my current one and since my brain loves to be stimulated all day long, fiction books also allow my brain to watch a movie of what the author has written. 

Have a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Binge Day

Not into books? That's okay. There are plenty of movies and TV shows available on the internet for you to enjoy as well. 

Take a day or part of day and give yourself permission to watch that movie or show you've been wanting to watch, but just haven't found the right time to enjoy. 

As a bonus, if you are already a subscriber to these services, you won't have to pay anything to enjoy this binge day. So not only do you get a day where you can finally watch that movie or show you've wanted to watch, but you don't have to spend any money!

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Order in from your favorite restaurant

Since you are on a tight budget, eating out happens rarely, right? You always buy your own groceries and make your own food. You end up saving so much more money this way. 

Well you can also take a break from always making your own food and have a restaurant deliver your meal to your house. 

Almost everyone delivers nowadays whether it's through the restaurant itself, or through a third party like Doordash, Grubhub, Uber Eats or something similar. 

So if you are the person who doesn't enjoy sitting at a restaurant to eat, then order your meal in and bask in the joy of not having to cook a meal for night. 

Try a new hair color or new hairdo

If you are someone who enjoys playing with your hair and trying new things with it, then this treat yourself idea is totally for you!

Try something completely new with your hair that you haven't tried before. Maybe there is a color that you've wanted to try before, but never did. Try it now. 

Or maybe you've found some Youtube videos with women sharing how to create new hairdos. Follow the tutorials and create the new do for yourself. 

For so many people, doing something new with your hair isn't the norm, so it's a total treat yourself day treat. 

Get a manicure/pedicure/massage

Going somewhere (or having a girlfriend or two over) to get a manicure/pedicure is a great way to be pampered. If I'm going to be pampered, I'm going somewhere else to do it. Obviously it is much cheaper to invite a girlfriend or two over and do this at home. 

Since you are on a budget, maybe this month you get a pedicure. Then next month you get a manicure. And the following month you get a massage. 

Have a DIY Spa Night

Maybe going somewhere else to get your nails done and have a massage either isn't for you or just isn't in the budget for right now. 

But you can still have a spa night at home for pretty cheap, because most of the stuff you probably already have at home anyway. 

You can use (or even make your own) bath bombs. Or just use epsom salts and some essential oils to enjoy the relaxing features of a nice bath. 

Use some candles to change the mood in the bathroom. And listen to either your favorite music or music that can soothe and relax you while you soak in the tub. 

I personally love to diffuse essential oils while enjoying some relaxing music and soaking in the water. Water helps to reset everything for me and the essential oils and music reset and relax my brain. 

Redecorate your home

Every once in a while, you need to change the way your house is arranged and decorated. For me, this always makes it feel almost like a brand new home to enjoy. 

You can spend money to redecorate, or you could not spend any money and just use what you already have to redecorate your home.

Since redecorating and rearranging my home makes it feel like a brand new home to me, it completely reenergizes me as well because it gives my home some new energy as well. 

Get some plant life in your home

Whether you have a green thumb or not, there are ways that you can get some plant life in your home to help put more energy in your life. 

Maybe you want to try succulents. There are so many resources available to help you use succulents and even how to take care of them. You could even create a craft night with planning out your succulents.

Or maybe you just want some plants that are easy to take care of (bamboo) but still bring a fresh plant into your life. 

Or maybe you do want to try out your green thumb and plant some plants of your own. 

It doesn't matter which option you choose, as long as it's something you enjoy. 

Have a craft day (or night)

Maybe you have a bunch of craft supplies just sitting in that room in your house that pretty much go untouched. Or maybe you do crafts on a regular basis. Or maybe crafts aren't really your thing. 

There are all kinds of craft websites out there that can help you create something pretty for your home (or to make as a present for someone else). 

Crafts can be like movies, TV shows or books. They completely take your mind out of that loop of always going, going, going. They allow you to slow down and be creative. 

Go out and explore something

Go out on your own for a day and explore something new. Maybe there is a new store in your area that you just want to explore. Or maybe there is a store that's been there for a while, but you never really took the time to check it out. Or maybe there is a museum that you can explore.


I did this recently by going to IKEA. I'd never been there before, but always wanted to just explore it. So I finally just went to visit one and explored the store. I didn't even buy anything, just had all kinds of ideas for things that I really want to do. 

I will also take myself out to the movies. There are some people that care about being at the movies by themselves, but I don't care about that. And I've learned over the past year that if I don't go to at least once movie a month, then I get restless and need longer breaks than normal. 

How do you normally treat yourself when you are on a budget? Did you get any new ideas from this list? Or is there a way that you treat yourself that isn't on this list? 

When you take the time to treat yourself to something you wouldn't normally do, it helps both your brain and your body relax a little bit more. Plus since you are on a budget and this is something you are planning for, it also makes it easier to enjoy. 

Just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you have to live a super strict life and not allow yourself to enjoy life every once in a while. 

Save this post for later when you want to treat yourself but still stay within your budget.

have a treat yourself day on a budget
have a treat yourself day on a budget

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