7 Types of Buyers that You Encounter in Your Business

As a business owner, you will get all kinds of clients who show up on your doorstep to work with you. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a single product, courses or services. 

They will always show up for you. 

You may not get every single one of these ladies every time you create a new offer in your business, but they are out there. 

Let’s look at these ladies (I apologize I went with all women, but the men can also fall into the same categories as well: Carl, Earl, Oliver, Robbie, Alex, Frankie, Stephen): 

Clingy Cathy

Cathy is clingy. She needs your attention 24/7. 

She will ask questions over and over again, especially questions you’ve already answered in your course and while working with her 1:1. 

She wants to succeed, but her mindset is in the way and making changes doesn’t come easy to her. 

She’ll tell you she understands when you talk her one minute, then a day later, she doesn’t understand what you said or meant. 

Emotional Elisa

Elisa reads through all of your social media posts and the entire sales page. She is so moved by the emotions you relay with how you’ve done what you’ve done with your life and/or business. 

She wants that same transformation to happen in her life. 

You just spoke to her with your writing and now she wants to feel exactly how you feel. 

Can you help her do that? 

All of her purchases are based on the emotions that your writing and videos have made her feel and what they can make her feel when she completes the course or working with you. 

Overthinking Olivia

Olivia is always questioning how this is going to help her. 

She also thinks that something that you’ve proved has worked will actually work for her and her audience. 

She really thinks that she knows exactly what her audience will want and she knows they won’t pay for that, no matter how much you tell her to just get out there and experiment. You’ve found things that work, but she really doesn’t think it will. 

Rational Rachel

Rachel needs you to prove to her what results she will get. 

What proof do you have that this will work for her? How does this compare to 12 different competitors of yours who have similar products? 

She needs more testimonials. She needs more proof of how this is going to work for her. 

She just needs to know that her investment is going to be well spent and it will result her in making changes and growing her business. 

Analytical Allie

Allie is the person who is always doing the math and questioning why you offered 6 sessions instead of 8. 

Why is the pay in full $997, but the payment plan is 6 payments of $197, which equals more than $997 when all is said and done? 

Am I really getting enough time with you? You are only available on weekdays between the hours of 10am and 8pm. I’m not sure that’s enough time to get all of my questions answered.

Why do you take weekends off? How does that help me? 

Is 6 sessions actually enough? Or do I really need more than 6 sessions of working with you? 

FOMO Francine

Francine is the person who buys everything out there. If she is even the slightest bit interested in the course or product and it might help her, she’s gotta buy it. 

And she also rarely completes all the things she buys. They just sit on her hard drive collecting dust. 

It’s all those last minute bonuses that get thrown in that make her think she needs them right now! The sale price is ending. It’s never going to be this low again. 

It may help her one day. She doesn’t need it right now, but since this is the lowest price it will ever be, better get it now before the price goes up. 

Step by Step Stephanie

Stephanie always needs everything spelled out for her.  

She needs to know how to do every single step, from Step A all the way to Step Z. 

Tell me how to do it, but also show me. Don’t leave anything out. If you miss one little thing, Stephanie will have major problems and not be able to figure out how to get to the next step. 

She always brings her notebook and post its to every meeting. She has post it notes all over the place to help her make sure she hasn’t forgotten anything. 

She watches all of the videos you produce multiple times. She continuously pauses the videos because she can’t write her notes fast enough. 

No matter what, she always thinks she is missing something. 

Who are you? Who are your buyers? 

When you buy something, which one of these are you? Who do you relate to the most? 

How many of these buyers have you had come through your business? 

Sometimes we fall into more than one of these categories. And it’s not always something that can be helped. It’s just who you are. 

But I know there are people on this list that you for sure do not want to work with ever again. Every business owner has those handful of buyers they don’t want to work with again. 

It’s just a part of being in business. 

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