Can you imagine sitting down to plan out a new program or service and you have no idea how to price it? Or what to include?

How often does this really happen to you?

You get the idea for a new product or service, but then you get stuck with what to include in that offer, or what to price it.

You are not alone. I see this happen on a daily basis for online entrepreneurs. It's so hard to make this decision.

But what if you could just send a Voxer message to your coach whenever you need a quick answer or to work through a quick block that you have.

Or hash out where you are or aren't in alignment with something?

Or to figure out how much you should price something?

Whatever issues or ailments you have with your money mindset or business, we can hash it out over this Voxer coaching. 

2 Weeks Unlimited Voxer Coaching

You get unlimited messages from me between the hours of 7am Eastern time and 8pm Eastern time for 2 full weeks.


Upon booking and paying for your monthly service, you'll get an email with the next steps within the next few hours. 

You can send me a message on Voxer whenever you have a question or need something shifted in your mindset or need to be held accountable or anything else around anything money related in your business.